A Passage to India

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A Passage to India - Handmade Jewellery

Our Passage to India jewellery collection will take a you on a trip back in time, to the India of bygone days. Featuring fearsome tigers, exquisite peacocks, majestic mother elephants and their sweet babies; this is a unique, handmade animal jewellery range that celebrates some of India’s most exotic wildlife. Marvel at the wondrous creatures of this captivating continent, hand-carved in miniature perfection by master goldsmith Jana Reinhardt. 
Baby Elephant Necklace
From £85.00 - £800.00
Elephant Earrings
From £89.00 - £770.00
Peacock Necklace
From £95.00 - £925.00
Tiger Necklace
From £110.00 - £1,750.00
Peacock Earrings
From £110.00 - £1,220.00

Jana has long been enchanted by Indian animals and wanted this range to recreate her favourite creatures in glorious gold and silver, studded with sparkling rubies and glittering opals. These special pieces evoke the wonder and excitement that these animals would have inspired in travellers a hundred years ago, when such species must have seemed like a fanciful dream.
Which Indian treasure will be yours? Statement jewellery lovers will fall head over heels for our opulent peacock earrings, featuring a pair of finely rendered beautiful birds. They come complete with dozens of fancy tail feathers, which can be set with your choice of stones, and fan-shaped corona crests on their tiny heads.  
Fans of Faberge will adore our clever mother and baby elephant necklace design, with a delicately hinged middle that opens to reveal -surprise! - a miniature baby elephant calf.  While the fashionably fierce among you will go wild for our tiger pendant, all statement stripes and bared fangs, ideal for adding edge to your look.
As with all Jana Reinhardt pieces, every pendant and pair of animal earrings is handmade in Sussex by a small team of expert goldsmiths. We use the old methods of fabrication and wax carving, so every piece of our jewellery begins life as a tiny wax model, carefully carved by Jana to capture every special feature and tiny detail. 
All our Passage to India pieces are available in your choice of sterling silver, 22ct rose or yellow gold vermeil, solid gold (in white or yellow and a range of carats) or platinum. Solid gold is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a piece of investment jewellery, or something really special to celebrate an anniversary or a big birthday. Simply select your preferred precious metal from the dropdown menu on each product page.
If you’d like your silver or gold Indian animal jewellery personalised (great for gifts), remember we can engrave most items in the collection with a meaningful date, or tiny initial or two. 
Both the Mama elephant necklace and the peacock earrings can also be set with your birthstone or favourite gem, for an extra touch of luxe, sparkle and shine. As all our jewellery is made in-house, we are also able to accommodate bespoke requests.  So if the stone you’ve set your heart on isn’t available on our website, do get in touch.