Bespoke Border Collie Pendant


Border Collie Pendant in oxidised and gold plated silver 

This is Bucky, a Border Collie, after having been to the hairdresser's. His owner asked me to show him with clipped hair as she felt he looked nicest like that and I had to agree once I saw the images of him. I thought Bucky looked quite exotic. I couldn't even make out that he was a collie. 
Bucky's owner emailed me several images which I have been using to carve a wax which measured about 4cm across. After a few days, the wax was finished. We then had the wax cast in Sterling Silver and hallmarked by the London Assay Office. I cleaned up the casting and turned it into a pendant, oxidised and gold plated parts of it to show Bucky's gorgeous colouring.
And here is what Bucky's owner thought about her finished bespoke dog pendant:
"I am almost as happy with my miniature Bucky as I am with the real-life version although, as you can see, he is less impressed.  Jana was able to work wonders transforming a handful of photos into this wonderful 3-D recreation.  I'd always thought that a dog would have to 'sit' and be measured up for something like this but it was so easy.  Jana asked for extra photos if she needed them and these were easy to snap and send from my phone.  Then she kept me up-to-date throughout the process.  Beginning with the initial wax model, she was very patient with the alterations I requested and then in practically no time at all, the cast had been hallmarked, painted and sent  to us. I never knew bespoke jewellery could be so easy."