Bespoke Dachshund Pin


Bespoke Dachshund Pin in oxidized and gold plated Sterling Silver

We love sausage dogs and wanted to make a silver dachshund lapel pin for ages. I kept seeing super cute pictures of little Oscar on Instagram and asked his owner Becky (from milkbubbleteablog) whether we could use him as our model. So Becky emailed us a couple of images and we chose the one below to work from. 


We carved a miniature version of Oscar in wax, which was then cast in silver.  Once back from the caster, the silver dog got "cleaned up" with files and emery paper and a pin was soldered to the back of it.


To make this first dachshund pin extra special for Becky, we decided to try giving it Oscar's colouring and oxidized some parts and then gold plated the rest, which worked out really well.