Bespoke Greyhound Brooch


Bespoke Sleeping Greyhound Lurcher Brooch in Sterling Silver

We think Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers are beautiful, sometimes graceful and sometimes funny looking. We have been following a few greyhound and whippet rescue organisations on social media for a while and wanted to make a piece of jewellery which would look beautiful and maybe a bit quirky, something dog lovers would like to buy and help raise money for these greyhound rescue organisations. 


Hannah, the lovely jeweller who works for us in our Worthing studio, has recently adopted rescue lurcher Sylvie (the sleeping beauty below) and we decided she would be the perfect model for our project.

It seems greyhounds and whippets spend a lot of their time sleeping, looking especially sweet with their long legs stretched out close to their body. So this is the position we chose for our silver brooch.


As with all our dog jewellery, I started by doing a little drawing to make sure I know what goes where and the size will be right. I then carved the miniature sleeping dog in wax and hollowed out the back so the brooch wouldn't be too heavy to wear. The wax was then being sent of to be cast in silver and once back, it was cleaned up, partly polished and brooch findings were soldered onto the back.


Below is a picture of the finished silver greyhound brooch. It is available to buy HERE (please click for redirection to product page) and 10% of the price of each sale will be donated to, a fund created for the sole purpose of caring for old and sick Sighthounds.