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All you need is love - Heart Jewellery 

In the mood for love? Our romantic range of love and heart jewellery lets you give your heart to the person who means the most. 

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day heart jewellery for a new love, or you want a special anniversary gift for your partner of many years, you’ll find a collection of heart designs in your choice of sterling silver, 18ct yellow and rose gold vermeil and solid gold in a range of carats. Every item is handmade in the UK, by a small team of expert goldsmiths, ensuring top quality craftmanship and attention to detail.  
Padlock Heart Earrings
From £99.00 - £975.00
Padlock Heart Necklace
From £110.00 - £970.00
Birth Month Flower Ring
From £115.00 - £870.00
Seahorse Necklace
From £89.00 - £1,135.00
Broken Heart Pendant
From £89.00 - £840.00
Heart and Key Necklace
From £110.00 - £149.00
Holding Hands Pendant
From £95.00 - £1,170.00
From fashion forward heart and padlock key earrings, to our unique sparrow and heart pendant, there are heart necklaces, rings and bracelets with hearts to suit all tastes and budgets. 

If you’d like a piece of personalised heart jewellery, remember that our heart pendants and earrings can all be engraved with your chosen initials, word or a date - just the thing to remind the wearer of a special memory or moment in your lives together.