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  • Hare Necklace
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  • Hare Necklace
  • Hare Necklace

Hare Necklace


Sterling Silver
24ct Vermeil Gold
18ct Vermeil Rose / Pink
9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold
9ct Rose Gold
18ct Yellow Gold
18ct White Gold
18ct Rose Gold


Hare Necklace

Sweet Dreams Collection

Hare necklace in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Slow and steady wins the race. Well, no one told that to this little hare, he’s so fast we only just managed to catch him mid-leap!

Revered by the ancient Egyptians, native American tribe the Algonquin and the Goths, the graceful and swift hare has fascinated humans for many years.  We were inspired to create a handmade hare necklace as a tribute to this mystic creature and all he embodies.

Expertly hand carved by master goldsmith Jana Reinhardt, this silver hare pendant shows off the hare’s elegant hind legs and captures him in motion – his favourite state!

Not to be mistaken with a rabbit, hares are bigger than their rabbit cousins, have longer ears, and more powerful hind legs that enable them to run very fast - hence the folk tale of the tortoise of the hare, and their reputation for haste.

There’s a lot more to the hare than just rushing around - those who are lucky enough to have the hare as their spirit animal are usually sensitive and artistic. The hare is also a spirit totem believed to represent ambition, fitness, and virtue.

This leaping hare necklace is a great choice for anyone who identifies with these traits, or who simply loves these unique creatures and their charming looks. As with all our fine jewellery, this piece is available as a silver hare pendant , but can also be cast in 18ct yellow or rose gold vermeil, solid 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold, 9ct white gold, 18ct  yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, 18ct white gold or platinum.  


Product Information:
  • handcrafted in the UK
  • available in 925 Sterling Silver, 22ct yellow gold vermeil or 18ct rose gold vermeil
  • also available in 9 or 18ct solid gold
  • the hare measures 20mm across
  • hand polished to a high shine
  • 1.2mm trace chain; can be worn at either 16 or 18 inches (41 or 46 cm)



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