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Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire Rings, Necklaces & More - Handmade In Our Sussex Studio By The Sea 

Browse our range of sapphire jewellery here. If you thought sapphires were always blue, then we’ve got news for you! These gorgeous gemstones also occur in yellow, purple, orange, white and green colours. The technical term for these multicolour beauties is ‘fancy sapphires’ and we’re such huge fans of these versatile stones we use them in many of our collections; from the sparkling orange and blue gems you’ll find in the Sapphire Flash earrings in our recent Out of Africa collection, to the luminous white sapphires you’ll see in the pretty star and moon rings in our Polar Nights range.

Rainbow Stud Earrings

From £139.00 - £169.00

Rainbow Necklace

From £125.00 - £159.00

Rainbow Ear Jackets

From £139.00 - £169.00

Flash Ring with Sapphires - wider version

From £73.00 - £199.00

Flash Ring with Sapphires - slimmer version

From £70.00 - £195.00

Flash Stud Earrings with Sapphires

From £69.00 - £139.00

Rainbow Ring

From £125.00 - £145.00

Butterfly Charm Bracelet with Gemstones

From £85.00 - £105.00

Butterfly Earrings with Gemstones (Multi)

From £199.00 - £239.00

Butterfly Charm Necklace with Gemstones

From £115.00 - £152.00

Butterfly Drop Earrings with Gemstones

From £89.00 - £105.00

Butterfly Ear Studs

From £149.00 - £172.00

Butterfly Eternity Ring

From £89.00 - £105.00

Butterfly Hoop Earrings with Gemstones

From £165.00 - £202.00

Butterfly Ring with Gemstones

From £79.00 - £95.00

Fox Pendant Necklace

From £145.00 - £199.00

Fox Ring

From £169.00 - £210.00
Every one of the pieces we sell is handmade at the Jana Reinhardt seaside studio in West Sussex, by super experienced goldsmiths Jana Reinhardt and her partner Ross Cutting. Mass production is simply not allowed here at JR HQ, it’s just not part of our ethos. So when you buy Jana Reinhardt you can be confident your piece of sapphire jewellery will be of the highest quality and as special as you are.
On the hunt for the perfect sapphire jewellery set? You’re sure to love our dainty butterfly charm necklace and butterfly drop earrings, a really unique and lovely way to wear these stunning stones. Both the pendant and earrings feature tiny butterflies crafted from sterling silver of the highest quality, plated with your choice of 22ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold vermeil. They are decorated with petite blue sapphires that add a touch of colourful sparkle to your neck and ears. We think the warmth of the rose gold sets these blue beauties off particularly well, don’t you?
If you’ve got your eye on our butterfly gold sapphire earrings, but you’re the sensitive type, who simply must wear solid gold, do get in touch. It’s very easy for us to cast all our sapphire jewellery designs in top quality solid gold, in a range of different carats and colours to suit your preference. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen, no problem. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing your totally unique sapphire earrings, all designed, handmade and polished by us.
Prefer to wear your sapphires on a necklace? Many of our stunning designs feature these beautiful stones. We love our green sapphire fox pendant, a truly original piece featuring an adorable sleeping silver fox, framed with a glittering green gem. All the cuddly characters in our Polar Nights collection, from cute penguins and polar bears, to sweet little eskimos, come with the option of a white sapphire moon and star embellished chain. Handcrafted necklaces with sparkling precious stones are just the thing for a thoughtful gift or self gift, whatever the occasion may be.

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