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If you would like to personalize a gift or have a message engraved on your wedding rings or engagement ring, then we have a range of options for you.

Hand Engraving – Great for pictures

Hand engraving is an ancient and highly skilled technique which takes many years to perfect. Special tools called scorpers or gravers are used to cut grooves into metal. If you are looking to have an elaborate picture or symbol engraved, then hand engraving is probably the option you need. It is also good where a written message needs to be cut very deep.

Machine Engraving – Perfect for written messages

Although some engravers still use traditional pantograph machines, the process is usually fully computer-controlled nowadays. The jewellery is locked into a machine which uses a stylus to cut tiny cells. Lots of cells make up writing or pictures, much the same as with a desktop printer. For written messages this process is ideal as it looks very similar to hand engraving, is available in a variety of styles and is relatively affordable when compared to traditional techniques.

Stamping – A cheaper alternative

We have a full range of letter and number stamps which we can use to add personalised messages to some items of jewellery. The typewriter style letters are stamped into the surface one at a time and the result is often a little haphazard and quite charming.

Engraving Styles

There are a range of engraving styles available. Please select a style from the style card below.


If you would like pictures or symbols engraved on an item of jewellery then please email us a drawing or photo and we will get back to you with a quote.

Hand Engraving - £5.00 per character

Machine Engraving - £3.00 per character

Letter Stamping - £2.00 per character

Although we are happy to engrave any of our collection or bespoke jewellery for you we will not undertake engraving on jewellery purchased elsewhere.

If you are unsure whether a piece can be engraved then please call us on +44 (0) 203 176 5544 or click on the box below.

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