A busy couple of months

It's been a busy couple of months here at Jana Reinhardt. We’ve been hard at work creating and crafting the new Polar Nights winter collection, launched our brand new all-singing, all-dancing website and have just spent a fantastic week at the Spirit of Christmas Fair.
Held at London’s Kensington Olympia, it’s the ultimate Christmas shopping destination for stylish and unique gifts. The perfect home for us! Arriving to find a less than inspiring blank space, with a bit of Jana Reinhardt magic and imagination, we’d soon transformed it into a beautiful boutique. Et voila:

It was very much a family affair, while Jana was busy back at Jana Reinhardt HQ, Ross’s Mum stepped in and turned saleswoman. They both really enjoyed meeting new customers, and were very happy with the great reception the Polar Nights collection received. Our cute little penguin necklace just flew off the stand (excuse the pun)!

Perhaps this has something to do with his resemblance to the star of a certain high street shop’s new Christmas advert, we’ll call him Minty, ahem... Whatever the reason, it's brilliant so many shoppers took a piece of Polar Nights home with them. Inspired by cosy evenings spent gazing at the snow and stars, the collection has all kinds of cute Arctic creatures for you to enjoy, from a friendly polar bear as well as whimsical whales and sweet seals.

Now it's time to get back to the studio and start getting everything ready for Christmas. Don't panic, but there are only 39 shopping days left!

Jana x

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