Wax Carving

Jana loves carving wax, it puts here in her "flow state" she says. I always tell her to get up and stretch occasionally but she's so focused on carving her tiny and amazingly detailed animals, she never does and ends up with back pain. "It's worth it!" she says. 

Wax is amazing, it's an ideal medium for creating almost anything that would be difficult to construct from sheet or wire. It is capable of being highly detailed, polished or textured. You can melt it, scrape it, file it, cut it, texture it and join bits together. But it is delicate so it takes patience and a lot of skill.

Our waxes are carved by hand. CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacture) technology is OK but we really enjoy doing it the old fashioned way. We think hand carving the wax gives the finished piece more charm and personality.

Once a wax is finished, it gets cast in 100% recycled gold, Argentium silver or platinum (see our Casting page) and hand finished with metalworking tools in our studio.

Cat & Dog Pendant for the NAWT from our Animal Welfare Collection

In The Making