Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

Art Deco inspired bespoke engagement ring by Jana Reinhardt
Bespoke bridal jewellery is all about expressing love and commitment in a unique, personalised way, tailored to your particular tastes and history. Many couples choose the bespoke route to celebrate their individual love story.

Angelina Jolie's bespoke engagement ring
Engagement rings are a popular area for bespoke design - Brad Pitt famously designed Angelina Jolie's unique, Art Deco-inspired engagement ring in collaboration with a jeweller.

When designing an engagement ring with a bespoke jeweller, you're only limited by your budget and your imagination. Stepping outside the comfort zone of a solitaire diamond is an increasing trend - rubies, aquamarines and sapphires are becoming more popular, as they're hard-wearing, beautiful stones that last.
Engravings, mixed materials and even three-dimensional creations can enable you to produce a truly meaningful symbol.

Bespoke wedding bands and sets are a fantastic way to unite personal tastes together in one pair - just like marriage itself. Whether it's two radically different rings with the same theme or material, or the same ring for different hands, bespoke bands can be given an edge that rings true for your partnership.

18ct gold & black enamel engagement rings by Jana Reinhardt
Many couples collaborate on the designs of engagement or wedding bands together, with the jeweller's assistance and expertise. Common sources of inspiration include vintage pieces, famous treasures, futuristic elements and nature. So take your ideas to your bespoke jeweller today, and let them make your wedding dreams come true.


A proposal's romance is only heightened by the idea that the ring is a completely individual creation, carefully designed for that one special person.

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