Bespoke Jewellery – A Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery take a look through our 10 top tips to point you in the right direction:


1. Collaborate or go it alone - Is the commission a surprise for someone you love? You’ll need to decide whether to go it alone or to get them involved.


2. Research - If you’re set on keeping it a surprise, do your research. Ask their friends for help and find jewellery that the recipient wears. This might give important clues as to the size and style of the finished piece.


3. Get creative - If you are looking for wedding bands and are feeling creative you might find a jewellery designer/maker who will sit you at the workbench and help you to make your own simple rings.


4. Explore the options - Have a look around and find out what materials are available. Apart from yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds there are literally hundreds of other options to explore. For example palladium is a new metal option which has become quite fashionable and is an affordable alternative to platinum and 14ct gold looks very similar to 18ct gold but is considerably cheaper.

Palladium and sapphire bespoke
engagement ring.

5. Upcycle - Bespoke designs can be extended to old jewellery you no longer wear. Have a look through your jewellery box to see if any pieces are suitable for a style makeover.

Rings made entirely from
customers old jewellery.

6. Find a jeweller you can trust - Ask friends for recommendations and look for independent reviews (not just testimonials on the jewellers website) about their work and the service they provide. Google + is a great place to look for honest opinions. Make sure you can see some examples of previous bespoke jewellery.


7. Dare to be different - There is no point commissioning something you could buy “off the shelf”. Be brave and commission a unique and expressive piece that will show off yours or a loved one’s personality.

Bird cage engagement ring.

8. Think micro setting – Covering a piece of bespoke jewellery in tiny stones is an effective way to add a touch of glamour. Be prepared to fork out a little extra though. The carat weight soon adds up and having the stones set can cost more than the stones themselves.

9. Get the design right - Find a jeweller who will design the ring for free and don’t be afraid to ask for design tweaks and even 3D models before you go ahead.

Design drawing by Jana Reinhardt.

10.Stick to the design - Make sure you are 100% happy with the design before you pay a deposit. Most goldsmiths will charge you for design changes after work has begun.

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