Raining Cats & Dogs Jewellery Collection

Cats and dogs jewellery collection with blue topaz

Cats, Dogs & Raindrops Themed Jewellery - Handmade In The UK

No one loves their pets as much as the UK! Our Cats and Dogs pet jewellery collection features a luxurious and eccentric selection of cascading canines and felines in free fall. Many of these pet jewellery pieces are set with deep blue topaz gemstones in brilliant, pear, and marquise cuts, the purr-fect luxe gifts for cat lovers. Bringing the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs" to life, this pet inspired jewellery range combines a love of our favourite pets and the British obsession with the weather.

Are you a cat person, a dog person, or head over heels with both the nation’s favourite pets? (it happens!) Whatever your choice, you’ll go barking made for this unique collection of dog and cat jewellery. Take your pick from earrings, pendant necklaces, and rings, with, or without, glittering gemstones. You decide. The ultimate fine jewellery with a pet theme, handmade to order at our studio by the sea in Sussex. 

Each piece of pet themed jewellery is made by expert goldsmiths Ross and Jana with exceptional attention to detail and tip-top craftsmanship. Every item is 100% one-of-a-kind - just what you want if you’re looking for that most extra special of cat gifts or a totally p-awesome gift for dog lovers. Many of our pieces can also be engraved - ideal if you’re after personalised dog gifts to give to a loved one, or a unique piece of pet memorial jewellery to commemorate a much-missed doggie. We don't currently offer pet print jewellery, but these fun, vibrant pieces are a lovely alternative to pet loss jewellery, to remind you of your pet full of life and love. 

You can also wear this collection as a reminder that pets need us more than ever! With the cost of living crisis and the post-pandemic pet buying boom, record numbers of cats and dogs are being abandoned. You can help by making sure you 'adopt don't shop' if you're considering a new pet, and donating to one of the many fantastic pet charities. Ideally, your local animal shelter, as these smaller charities don't always receive the large-scale support national charities do. 

And don't forget, we donate £20 to the National Animal Welfare Trust for every Cat and Dog necklace sold, the perfect choice if you love pet jewellery and supporting our four-legged friends at the same time.