A Bee Collar Bar for the Big Day

We just finished another exciting commission for one of our London customers. He’s a tailor with a great fashion sense and loves wearing his shirts with collar bars. Over the last couple of years, we made a scull bar and a bar with diamond set balls for him.
Now he’s getting married to his girlfriend “Bee” and asked us to create a bumble bee collar bar for his wedding. I love wax carving and was very excited about getting to make such a great piece. I started carving the bee’s body which I then had moulded and cast in 9ct gold.
Once I received the castings back, I pierced out the wings from gold sheet and soldered them to be bees' bodies. Finally Ross engraved fine lines into the wings, cut the thread and polished the piece. I somehow always manage to avoid getting my hands dirty on the polishing motor :)

Here’s a picture of our client proudly wearing the collar bar (he’s a very busy man – no time for shaving).

I’m feeling all inspired now to inject a bit more style into my wardrobe. Might turn a pair of our wings into collar pins. What do you think?
Jana x

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