Diamond Eternity Ring in the Making

We have just finished a gorgeous eternity ring, in 18ct white gold, set with 1.3ct of fair-trade Canadian diamonds.

Here's how it's done:

We started with a few centimetres of white gold wire, which Ross kindly turned into a ring for me. I could obviously have done this myself, but bending 3mm thick gold wire into a ring is quite hard work, so why bother if you can ask a strong man to do it for you ;)

Once the ring was soldered and sized, I marked out the settings with dividers and started drilling and burring them out, which always takes quite a while, especially with near enough blunt burrs!

With all the holes in the right place, I now filed little arches into the ring, creating the first bit of the claws which are going to hold the diamonds in place. After this I filed a groove along the ring with a slim needle file to finish off the claws.

Now the outside was finished, I started filing a curve into the inside of the ring, which makes the ring more comfortable to wear. And after this I completed filing all the little arches..

Et voila, almost done. Just a bit more cleaning up to do.
Next the ring went back onto Ross's bench for setting and polishing. I didn't dare taking any pictures as he's rather grumpy when disturbed whilst setting stones. You can see the finished result below - one sparling handmade eternity ring, set with conflict free diamonds.
And here's the lovely email we received from our customer once he got his ring:

"Hi Ross and Jana,

The ring has arrived and it does look even better in real life. Thank you both for all your help. I'm excited to give it to S. Please stay in touch - and thanks again.


If you would like a bespoke piece of jewellery made, please email your ideas to enquiries@janareinhardt.com. We very much enjoy creating one-off pieces and seeing excited happy customers.
Jana x

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