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 Animal Aid - Pig Behind Bars


Have you discovered our Animal Wellbeing collection yet? This very special range of jewellery started life in 2020 during the pandemic when we finally had the opportunity to think about what really mattered to us. Like many people, it came down to spending more time with our kids and contributing something to causes that we care about.


If you've read our last blog or follow us on social media, you'll know we're vegan and are passionate about animal welfare. We believe that all animals should be treated with kindness and respect. Many people love and look after their family pets but turn a blind eye to the injustices and cruelties that farmed or wild animals have to suffer. This just didn't seem right to us, so we decided we wanted to try and help the many charities out there advocating for animals. 


It made sense for us to use our skills to support these organisations and make something that could potentially help vulnerable animals. So, we started creating different pieces that would serve as conversation starters about animal rights. We've made everything from farmyard animals, like piglets and lambs, to badgers and pangolins in the last two years. Every piece we've designed for the collection has an animal charity attached to it, and we donate £20 from the sale of these pieces to the different charities. It's not a large amount, but it's a start, and it all helps.


How did we choose which charities to support? 


We’re a small company, but we think it’s important to make a contribution and help to raise funds and awareness for charities that give animals a voice. Obviously, there are thousands of brilliant organisations with so much vital work to do, so it’s hard to choose which charities to collaborate with. But so far, we’ve chosen charities that have really impressed us with their commitment to animal equality, and achievements in making the world a better place for animals. 


Over the next few months, we’ll share some background on the charities we’re supporting on the blog. You can find out more about what they stand for, some of their work, and what happens to your donation if you choose to buy one of the pieces from our animal wellbeing collection.  

First up is Animal Aid.   


Why did we want to work with Animal Aid?


Animal Aid is involved in a wide variety of campaigns that aim to end the suffering of animals. Many of their projects focus on issues we care about, such as stopping horse racing, banning the manufacture and use of snares for wild animals, and ending inhumane animal experimentation. 


The charity is also passionately pro-vegan, which was what first brought them to our attention. If you want to change how animals are treated, they can offer lots of helpful advice on how you can help, from a free guide to going vegan, to signposting petitions and activism work to end animal cruelty. Their investigations into slaughterhouses were key to the government passing legislation requiring mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses in England, and they are constantly commissioning research that makes headlines and gets people focused on animal rights. For example, a recent poll they conducted showed that 71% of people think causing pain and suffering to animals is wrong. 


Animal Aid is really making a difference, and we wanted to help support them and bring their work to the attention of everyone who likes our jewellery.


What is Animal Aid’s vision?  


Animal Aid’s ultimate vision is a world that is free from animal abuse and exploitation. They would like to ensure that animals are no longer harmed and exploited for human gain but allowed to live out their lives in peace. 


The charity wants the public to recognise and respect the rights of all animals, regardless of their species, and for those rights to be protected by law. Through their work, they aim to change the status and perception of animals, from ‘objects’ that can be used for human gain to sentient individuals whose rights should be respected.


They work tirelessly to decrease public support for practices that involve animal abuse. If demand for these practices decreases enough, they won’t be commercially viable anymore - ending the suffering of millions of animals. In the meantime, Animal Aid is working to help establish secure legislation that will prevent some of the worst animal suffering.


What have their campaigns achieved so far? 


Animal Aid has played a key role in preventing animals from being harmed in the UK and worldwide. Here are some of their successes:


-           Their campaigning persuaded the 10 biggest supermarkets in the UK to only work with slaughterhouses that have CCTV installed.

-           Their work helped prevent a cruel new chicken factory farm being built.

-           The charity played a crucial part in stopping the government from abandoning a ban on hunting.

-           Animal Aid helped to put a stop to Cambridge University creating a massive research facility which was going to experiment on primates.

-           The charity was instrumental in helping to reform whip rules in horse racing, including much tougher consequences for offenders.


And so much more!


Which piece of jewellery supports Animal Aid?

Fondly referred to as ‘Lucy’ by Animal Aid, we thought a sweet little lamb necklace was the perfect piece to support the charity. 

silver lamb pendant

Why a lamb necklace? What was the inspiration? 


Lambs have long been thought of as a symbol of innocence. All farmed animals are innocent, which makes the violent fate they often suffer all the more shocking and inhumane.


This sweet lamb necklace might be dainty and small, but it has a powerful message. Jana intended it to be a "thought provoker," as well as a beautiful piece of jewellery. The necklace was designed to encourage people to think more deeply about where the leg of roast lamb for lunch or the snuggly lambswool blanket they love came from.


Lambs and sheep aren't just fluffy and cute; they're highly intelligent with excellent memories. Sheep can remember at least 50 individual sheep and people's faces for years. They form strong bonds, have best friends (and worst enemies!) among their flock, and can even recognise each other's unique bleats. So why should they suffer rough treatment and injury when being shorn, or be cruelly taken from their parents and slaughtered after just a few months of life?


What happens when you buy a lamb necklace? 


For each lamb necklace that is sold, we’ll donate £20 to Animal Aid. Here’s what Animal Aid told us your donation will be used for:


“By purchasing a Jana Reinhardt lamb necklace, you will be helping Animal Aid continue our work to make this world a kinder place for animals. Every donation we receive plays a vital role in our campaigns and education work, from our undercover investigations exposing horrific cruelty, to fighting to create change at a legislative level, to teaching primary school children the importance of animals. 


We are so grateful for every donation and to everyone who purchases one of these beautiful necklaces. Every penny allows us to continue our fight to give a voice to the voiceless and create a world where animals can live their lives in peace, free from persecution. Thank you.”


To find out more about Animal Aid and their work visit:


Shop the lamb necklace in support of Animal Aid here:


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