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Pangolin Necklace

Out of Africa Collection



A handmade pangolin pendant, inspired by these distinctive scale covered creatures. Mainly found in Africa and Asia, pangolins carry their young on their tails, so they can curl the tail round to protect them. We love the shape the pangolin’s body creates when this happens; a perfect protective circle that looks just stunning on our sterling silver pangolin pendant. 

This tactile pangolin necklace has been hand-carved in wax by Jana, at her West Sussex studio, before being cast in silver. Beautifully detailed, it features dozens of tiny realistic overlapping scales, covering the pangolin’s body and her long twining tail. As well as silver, the pangolin necklace is also available in yellow or rose gold vermeil. We can also cast a solid gold pangolin pendant for you, in your choice of carats. 

There is space for a personalised engraving on the back of the pendant.    

Pangolins hit the headlines when it was discovered that Covid-19 probably crossed into humans via the trade in their meat. We decided to create this pangolin necklace after learning about what a hard time these animals have. Did you know pangolins have the unfortunate honour of being the world’s most trafficked mammal?

To help prevent the needless suffering of more animals, we’re donating £20 from the sale of each pangolin necklace to The Vegan Society.  Given that the majority of pandemics begin due to humans eating animals, or encroaching onto their habitat, we believe it makes sense to support a charity that aims to educate and inform about the powerful impact that giving up eating animals can have on the planet. 

Rather than being poached and hunted, we believe these gentle animals need to be respected. Wear your pangolin with pride and the hope that the Covid-19 crisis will encourage reform in the treatment of these very special creatures. It’s a beautiful reminder to respect mother nature and the other animals we share the earth with.


Product Information

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum *
  • The pangolin measures 20 x 23mm 
  • The chain fastens with a 5mm spring ring.
  • Hand polished to a high shine with matt recessed areas
  • Comes with a 1.8mm belcher chain, adjustable to either 16/18 inches (41/46 cm) or 20/22 inches (52/57cm) length
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Because protecting our environment is important to us, we no longer offer gold plating. This process requires the use of many toxic chemicals. Instead, and where possible, we are using 100% recycled solid gold and silver. Better for us, better for the planet!