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Bunny Jewellery

Bunny Jewellery - Rings, earrings and more, handmade in the UK by Jana Reinhardt

Bunny Earrings, Rings and Necklaces - Handmade In The UK 

What’s up Doc? Our charming collection of bunny jewellery, that’s what! An adorable range of bunny bracelets, earrings and necklaces that would make Bugs proud. Every item is handmade in our West Sussex studio, by award winning goldsmiths Jana Reinhardt and her partner Ross Cutting. Hand making means each bunny necklace is designed, hand carved in wax, cast and then polished by a real live person, especially for you! It doesn’t get much more special.


Hare Bangle

From £79.00 - £109.00

Hare Hook Earrings

From £79.00 - £860.00

Hare Necklace

From £99.00 - £1,330.00

Hare Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,090.00

Rabbit Necklace

From £89.00 - £635.00

 All our bunny jewellery comes as standard in either carefully sourced sterling silver or 22ct yellow gold vermeil of the highest quality, but we offer a wide range of other finishes and materials too. Fashionista’s favourite finish, 18ct rose gold vermeil, is just the thing if you’re looking for something on-trend. While luxe lovers should opt for solid gold, which we can provide in a variety of colours and carats.

Our bunny jewellery started out as part of our magical Sweet Dreams range, inspired by fantastical fairytales like the Hare and the Tortoise. Full of story book charm, our bunny necklace and bunny earrings come complete with a gorgeous garnet gemstone, making the hare look extra glitzy and adorable, and even less likely to beat that pesky tortoise in a race! If you’d prefer your bunny jewellery to be embellished with an alternative stone, get in touch. We can source a variety of different precious stones from around the world. Your wish is our command, to hark back to those fairytales…
If you’d like your bunney jewelry to be the bearer of a secret message, check out our engraving options. Many of our pieces can be personalised with your own initials, a meaningful date or special name or word. Look for the engraving option on the product page to choose your preferred script. If your item doesn’t have the engraving option, do get in touch, space allowing we can certainly try and engrave most of our pieces for you.
So charming is our little bunny, that he’s hit the big time and been featured in no less than two glossy magazines! Here he is making himself at home on the pages of fashion fan’s favourite Red Magazine. And he also found time to squeeze in a shoot with the oh so stylish Easy Living magazine, check him out here.
If that wasn’t exciting enough, our bunny necklace has also been spotted adorning the most fashionable necks on the internet, catch him here , being worn by the gorgeous Tilly Jayne, or LDN blogger extraordinare, A Little Obsessed, rocking her bunny necklace here.  

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