Memento Jewellery - Handmade in Sussex, England

Tell your story with our new Memento pendant collection: 12 special pieces that allow you to wear a beautiful reminder of the defining moments in your life. From getting married, to having a child and losing a loved one, every part of life’s journey is captured here in artful, delicately hand-carved designs. The Memento collection allows you to add additional pendants to your necklace as the story of your life unfolds, or wear your favourite design on its own. 

New Baby Pendant
From £89.00 - £925.00
Eye Pendant
From £139.00 - £940.00
Dinosaur Pendant
From £89.00 - £925.00
Good Luck Pendant
From £89.00 - £889.00
Freedom Pendant
From £89.00 - £925.00
Key Pendant
From £89.00 - £715.00
Wedding Pendant
From £89.00 - £840.00
Guardian Angel Pendant
From £89.00 - £925.00
Broken Heart Pendant
From £89.00 - £840.00
Daydreamer Pendant
From £89.00 - £889.00
Hand Pendant
From £89.00 - £889.00
Cat Pendant
From £89.00 - £889.00
My Peach Pendant
From £89.00 - £930.00
Holding Hands Pendant
From £95.00 - £1,170.00
 Handmade by a small team of goldsmiths at our Sussex studio, each pendant is available in your choice of sterling silver, 18ct rose or yellow gold vermeil, or solid gold.

From a whimsical dinosaur pendant, the perfect choice for a Mum with a dino crazy child, to the free bird necklace, a great statement piece for someone breaking free from a negative relationship or situation - there’s a memento for everyone. A unique way to mark a moment in your own life, or a wonderfully original gift for a friend or loved one. Whether you want to celebrate where you’re at right now, something meaningful that’s happened in the past or where you want to be in the future.