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Duck Jewellery


Duck Pendants, Rings and Earrings - Handmade in our Worthing Studio

There once was a lovely duckling… Yes we know, we’ve changed the words of the famous song ever so slightly, but our adorable range of duck jewellery is anything but ugly! Choose from our carefully curated selection of delightful duck necklaces, sweet little duck earrings, rings and bracelets. All handmade in the UK at Jana Reinhardt HQ, by award-winning goldsmiths Jana and her partner Ross Cutting.    
All our duck jewellery comes as standard in high-quality sterling silver, and is also available in both 22ct yellow gold and 18ct rose gold vermeil, so there’s sure to be something to suit your skin tone and look. If solid gold is more your style, get in touch. All our pieces can be made in solid gold, in your choice of colour and carat, allowing us to create the ultimate golden goose for you, sure to be the stuff that fairytales are made of! 
Our bestselling duck pendant necklace started out as part of our storybook inspired Sweet Dreams collection, alongside our beautifully rendered Mother Goose Necklace. Fans of our stylised fine jewellery went quackers (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) for these beautiful birds, which have also proved a popular gift for children - just the thing for a special birthday or out of the ordinary christening present. Boring old christening bangles be gone. 
If you’re looking for duck jewellery, but prefer more petite pieces, you’ll adore our dainty duck hook earrings and pretty duck ring. The tiny beaks and wings you’ll find on these beautiful pieces are perfect examples of the level of attention to detail that Jana and Ross lavish on every piece of jewellery they create. Did you know these two have over 40 years experience in making and designing jewellery between them? High quality and excellent craftsmanship are a given when you buy from Jana Reinhardt.  
If the sweet dreams collection of ducks and geese are just a little too cutesy for your tastes, have a gander at our unique goose bangle and stunning duck foot ring. These design originals are both real statement pieces, certain to add interest and charm, whatever you wear.  
Want to make your little duck extra special? Why not take advantage of our engraving service? Depending on the space available we can add a secret message, motto, date or initials to your jewellery in a range of scripts. We can even replicate your own handwriting, for the truly personal touch. It’s the ultimate way to personalise your jewellery in a wearable, discreet way, reminding you of something meaningful every time you wear it. 

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