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 Black Diamond Snake Jewellery - Handmade In The UK

Inspired by one of the most famous love stories of all time, browse our Eternal collection of snake jewellery here. When Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria in 1839 with a diamond and emerald snake engagement ring, little did he know he’d be starting a jewellery trend that has lasted to this very day! Not only did his ring, cement one of the most iconic Royal romances of our time, it also began the tradition of giving engagement rings, and made snake jewellery THE must-have accessory of the 1800’s.
Coiled Snake Ring
From £99.00 - £985.00
Snake Bangle
From £185.00 - £2,080.00
Snake Bracelet
From £89.00 - £825.00
Snake Chain Earrings
From £95.00 - £590.00
Snake Creole Ear Studs
From £89.00 - £695.00
Snake Ear Stud Clamp
From £69.00 - £585.00
Snake Hoop Earrings
From £110.00 - £999.00
Snake Necklace
From £99.00 - £699.00
Snake Ring
From £89.00 - £799.00
Our Eternal range is our contribution to continuing the British love affair with snake jewellery and diamonds. Our collection contains many of the elements that make traditional Victorian snake jewellery so special, with a contemporary Jana Reinhardt twist. Queen Victoria loved her snake ring so much, it’s said she was buried wearing it! We hope to inspire similar devotion with our range of snake bangles, rings, earrings and necklaces.
Choose from a range of precious metals, all designs come as standard in high quality sterling silver, with the option to have your snake plated in either 22ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold vermeil. We can even cast your chosen jewellery in solid gold, should you so desire, in a range of colours and carats of gold. Simply drop us an email or give us a call if you’d like to arrange this. If precious metals alone aren’t enough shine and sparkle for you, many pieces in the Eternal range have dazzling diamond eyes. What’s more, they’re not your common or garden white diamonds, oh no. Instead, we opted for sparkling black diamonds, the perfect gemstone to convey the hypnotic beauty of a snake’s eye.
The Eternal range incorporates several different designs of earrings and rings, sure to appeal, whatever your style. We also wanted to offer a range of bracelets, so you can choose between our dainty snake bracelet or sophisticated bangle, inspired by a 1960s vintage gold snake bracelet. Anything from the Eternal collection will make an excellent gift choice for the fine jewellery fan with a taste for the quirky and original.
It’s also worth noting that the meaning of snake jewellery has been said to symbolise everything from eternal love and regeneration, to fertility, as well as snakes symbolising protection. Making it a really special gift with plenty of meaning behind it. You can add even more sentimental value to your little snake with our engraving service. Just click on the engraving tab and enter your special phrase, initials or date - making your snake jewellery even more personal.
All our UK made snake jewellery is handcrafted in our seaside studio by experienced goldsmiths Jana Reinhardt and Ross Cutting. Did you know this talented duo have over 40 years experience is jewellery making between them? Every one of the snake necklaces for sale on our site is designed, made and polished to perfection by either Jana or Ross, guaranteeing you the very best in craftsmanship and quality.