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  • Horse Necklace
  • Horse Necklace
  • Horse Necklace
  • Horse Necklace
  • Horse Necklace

Horse Necklace


Sterling Silver
22ct Vermeil Gold
18ct Vermeil Rose / Pink
9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold
9ct Rose Gold
18ct Yellow Gold
18ct White Gold
18ct Rose Gold


Horse Necklace

A perfectly shaped little horse pendant, suspended from a fine trace chain.

Horses symbolise freedom, travel, movement, and desire. The horse also represents power in Native American tribes.
People with this spirit animal might frequently find themselves on a new journey. They are adventurous and powerful. This horse totem will teach you to ride in new directions and to free yourself from perceived limitations. 

This silver horse necklace is highly polished and can be worn at 16 and 18inch length.


Product Information:
  • handcrafted in the UK
  • available in 925 Sterling Silver, 22ct yellow gold vermeil or 18ct rose gold vermeil
  • available in 9 or 18ct solid gold 
  • the horse is 20mm long and 17mm high
  • hand polished to a high shine
  • 1.2mm trace chain; can be worn at either 16 or 18 inches (41 or 46 cm)

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