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Birthstone Jewellery

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Birthstone Jewellery - Handmade In Our Sussex Studio

Browse our beautiful range of handmade Birthstone Jewellery here. Birthstones are precious or semi-precious gemstones associated with each month of the year. Since the first century, they have been used to give the gift of good luck to someone on their birthday - we can’t think of a better present. 
Whatever month you are searching for, we have a sensational selection of birthstone gifts for her. Those born in January have garnet as their stone and we’d suggest gifting them with our silver sparrow heart necklace  , a totally original piece, full of whimsical charm. The birthstone for February is amethyst, so step forward our truly elegant rock flower drop earrings, a stunning gift certain to bring glamour to the everyday. 

Butterfly Charm Bracelet with Gemstones

From £85.00 - £105.00

Coiled Snake Ring with black diamonds

From £145.00 - £185.00

Butterfly Charm Necklace with Gemstones

From £115.00 - £152.00

Butterfly Drop Earrings with Gemstones

From £89.00 - £105.00

Butterfly Ear Studs

From £149.00 - £172.00

Cat Ring

From £165.00 - £202.00

Butterfly Hoop Earrings with Gemstones

From £165.00 - £202.00

Cat Necklace with blue topaz

From £199.00 - £259.00

Cat Stud Earrings with blue topaz

From £149.00 - £195.00

Flash Ring with Sapphires - slimmer version

From £70.00 - £195.00

Flash Ring with Sapphires - wider version

From £73.00 - £199.00

Hare Hook Earrings

From £79.00 - £95.00

Hare Pendant Necklace

From £85.00 - £115.00

Sparrow Ear Studs

From £110.00 - £135.00

Love Birds Necklace

From £119.00 - £190.00

Northern Lights Earrings

From £110.00 - £135.00

Snake Bangle with black diamonds

From £219.00 - £285.00

Snake Ring with black diamonds

From £129.00 - £149.00

Sparrow Charm Necklace

From £115.00 - £152.00

Hare Bangle

From £79.00 - £109.00

Snake Hoop Earrings with black diamonds

From £205.00 - £239.00

Sparrow Heart Necklace

From £129.00 - £159.00

Stacking Rings with blue topaz

From £215.00 - £275.00

Sparrow Hoop Earrings

From £199.00 - £229.00

Sparrow on a Branch Necklace

From £129.00 - £159.00

Whale Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £284.00

Sparrow Ring

From £110.00 - £132.00

Tiny Cat Necklace with blue topaz drop

From £125.00 - £169.00

Tiny Whale Earrings

From £249.00 - £272.00

Topaz Drop Ear Studs

From £99.00 - £125.00

Eskimo Necklace

From £89.00 - £265.00

Snake Necklace with black diamonds

From £129.00 - £169.00

Whale Pendant with Water Spout

From £89.00 - £284.00

Narwhal Necklace

From £85.00 - £125.00
If you’re lucky enough to have been born in April, you’ve really hit the jackpot, your birthstone is the diamond! Go all out with one of our diamond rings, or opt for something a little more offbeat and unusual from our Eternal collection, featuring stunning black diamonds.  Those with December birthdays have one of our favourite gems, topaz, as their birthstone. We think these topaz drop earrings are the perfect birthstone stud earrings: dainty, simple and super sparkly.   
Looking for birthstone jewellery for mothers? Allow us to introduce our butterflies collection. A subtle, classic range she's sure to love. Choose from a range of dainty earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, embellished with your choice of emeralds (birthstone for May), rubies (birthstone for July) and sapphires (birthstone for September). 
What's more, if the Mum in your life has a birthstone not included here and you’d like us to create something with her personalised birthstone, we can do it. Just get in touch with us and we’ll track down the stone you’re after (yes, even the tricky ones like June’s stone, Alexandrite) and set it in the piece of your choice. We never mass manufacture and all our jewellery is handmade in-house at Jana Reinhardt’s seaside studio, making ad-hoc bespoke requests much easier for us to fulfil.     
If you’re on the hunt for a birthstone bracelet for friends, we heartily recommend our hare bangle. Great for January birthdays, this little guy comes complete with a glamorous garnet necklace, but as above, if you’d like the garnet replaced with a personalised birthstone, get in touch and let us know. Did you know hares are also thought to bring luck traditionally - a double whammy of birthday serendipity right there!
Every piece of birthstone jewellery we make comes in sterling silver as standard, with the option to have it plated in 22ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold vermeil. We can also cast it in solid gold in a range of carats and colours, if you’re seeking a more luxe gift, perfect for those special anniversaries or landmark birthdays.

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