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Bird Jewellery

Bird Jewellery Collection BannerBird Earrings, Pendants & Rings - Handmade In The UK

Browse our selection of beautiful bird jewellery here, a truly unique collection of bird inspired loveliness, handmade in the UK. Once upon a time, our bird jewellery collection began with a sweet little silver sparrow necklace and we haven’t looked back. If you love fine jewellery and feathered friends, you’ll adore the range of birds, styles and finishes we have to choose from. You’ll find everything from cute chickadees and hip hummingbirds to amazing owls. Your perfect piece of bird jewellery is just a click away. Ready, set, surf!


Bird Creole Hoop Earrings

From £79.00 - £285.00

Bird Ear Studs

From £65.00 - £85.00

Birds Eternity Ring

From £85.00 - £105.00

Hummingbird Necklace

From £89.00 - £600.00

Hummingbird Earrings

From £135.00 - £216.00

Flying Ducks Necklace

From £129.00 - £165.00

Duck Hook Earrings

From £69.00 - £89.00

Duck Pendant Necklace

From £69.00 - £95.00

Duck Ring

From £59.00 - £75.00

Bird, Star and Heart Bracelet

From £85.00 - £110.00

Owl Earrings

From £69.00 - £89.00

Hummingbird Tassle Earrings


Goose Pendant Necklace

From £125.00 - £162.00

Hummingbird Ear Studs

From £69.00 - £89.00

Birds Bracelet

From £114.00 - £135.00

Duck Rings | Duck Foot Ring


Owl Necklace

From £69.00 - £95.00

Bird Necklace with Tiny Birds

From £135.00 - £165.00

Bird Stud Earrings with a Flock of Tiny Birds

From £69.00 - £92.00

Owl Pendant Necklace


Penguin Earrings

From £139.00 - £215.00

Penguin Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £229.00

Penguin Stud Earrings

From £69.00 - £89.00

Sparrow Charm Necklace

From £115.00 - £152.00

Tiny Hummingbird Ring

From £62.00 - £79.00

Bird Bracelet

Sparrow Ear Studs

From £110.00 - £135.00

Wing Ring

From £99.00 - £123.00

Sparrow Heart Necklace

From £129.00 - £159.00

Sparrow Hoop Earrings

From £199.00 - £229.00

Sparrow Ring

From £110.00 - £132.00

Tiny Bird Necklace

From £75.00 - £95.00

Kiwi Pendant Necklace


Wing Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £125.00

Tiny Birds Eternity Ring

From £75.00 - £95.00

Tiny Hummingbird Necklace

From £85.00 - £105.00

Tiny Double Wing Necklace

From £110.00 - £152.00

Tiny Hummingbird Bracelet

From £82.00 - £105.00

Tiny Owl Ring

From £59.00 - £75.00

Tiny Penguin Necklace

From £77.00 - £109.00

Tiny Sparrow Bracelet

From £110.00 - £139.00

Tiny Sparrow Ear Studs

From £69.00 - £89.00

Twin Hummingbird Necklace

From £135.00 - £729.00

Wing Bangle

From £239.00 - £322.00

Wing Earrings

From £89.00 - £115.00

Tiny Sparrow Hook Earrings

From £69.00 - £89.00

Tiny Sparrow Necklace

From £79.00 - £109.00

Tiny Sparrow Ring

From £59.00 - £75.00



Every item is handcrafted in Jana Reinhardt’s Sussex studio, using carefully sourced sterling silver, vermeil and solid gold, to suit your style and purse strings. You can add extra sparkle to your silver bird necklace with a range of precious and semi-precious gemstones. If you have a favourite stone, say the word and it’s more than likely we’ll be able to accommodate your wishes, within reason - Philosopher’s stones are in short supply these days, blame Harry Potter.


If you’d like your bird necklace to deliver a message, so much the better, did you know that each piece can be personalised with engraving? Bird jewellery with a purpose! Birds are the true romantics of the animal kingdom and the perfect messengers to propose or commemorate  a special date or anniversary.


Searching for a bird bracelet, bird earrings or a bird ring? We’re likely to have just the thing. All designed, crafted, polished and packed inhouse, in the UK. No mass production here bird fans, no siree, we guarantee any piece you pick from our website is created right here in sunny (well, we can dream) Worthing, by qualified goldsmiths Jana and Ross. No robot hands here, we simply wouldn't allow it.    

But you don’t have to take our word for it, Jana Reinhardt’s little birds are of the uber stylish sort and have been featured on the pages of Grazia, Living and Stella magazines. Steal a glimpse at our chic sparrow earrings here and on-trend bird ring here. If that’s not proof enough that these little chicks are firmly at the forefront of the fashion pack, you can check them out being worn by some of the UK's coolest fashion bloggers here.

Whether it’s a penguin pendant or owl earrings you’ve got your heart set on, we’re pretty sure we’ve got what you’ve been searching for in our selection of bird jewellery. If you’d like a little bird to adorn a wrist, neck, fingers or ears, we can help. And when you buy Jana Reinhardt you can be confident that you’re investing in a truly unique and beautifully executed design, sure to be worn and adored for years to come. 


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