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Unique Handmade Necklaces Created in Our Sussex Studio

Browse our stunning selection of handmade unique necklaces here. From design to dispatch, all our jewellery is created by the Jana Reinhardt dream team at our studio by the sea in West Sussex. Whether you favour classic silver, gorgeous gold vermeil or the warm tones of rose gold, we can provide the material and finish to suit you. Most of our unique necklace pendants can also be cast in 9ct or 18ct solid gold, just the thing for that special gift, or if you really want to splash out on an indulgent self gift - come on you deserve it. 

Hummingbird Necklace

From £89.00 - £955.00

Polar Bear Necklace

From £99.00 - £1,695.00

Hippo Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,299.00

Penguin Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,375.00

Tiny Polar Bear Necklace

From £79.00 - £1,210.00

Elephant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,355.00

Unicorn Pendant

From £89.00 - £1,365.00

Hedgehog Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,265.00

Rhino Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,375.00

Fox Pendant Necklace

From £125.00 - £1,299.00

Double Wing Necklace

From £119.00 - £1,175.00

Wing Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,090.00

Tiny Penguin Necklace

From £77.00 - £930.00

Tiny Cat Necklace

From £79.00 - £860.00

Cat Necklace (Curled up)

From £89.00 - £1,320.00

Duck Pendant Necklace

From £82.00 - £770.00

Tiny Whale Necklace

From £77.00 - £985.00

Twin Hummingbird Necklace

From £135.00 - £1,560.00

Unicorn Horn Pendant

From £89.00 - £1,210.00

Owl Necklace

From £89.00 - £805.00

Lioness and Cub Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,255.00

Cat Locket

From £149.00 - £215.00

Squirrel Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,090.00

Seal Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,496.00

Cat Necklace (leaping)

From £89.00 - £1,355.00

Rainbow Necklace

From £135.00 - £880.00

Letter Charm Necklace

From £89.00 - £123.00

Flying Ducks Necklace

From £129.00 - £1,170.00

Dog Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,275.00

Deer Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,265.00

Tiny Double Wing Necklace

From £110.00 - £1,015.00

Narwhal Necklace

From £85.00 - £1,355.00

Mermaid Pendant

From £89.00 - £130.00

Tiny Bird Necklace

From £75.00 - £815.00

Love Birds Necklace

From £129.00 - £1,580.00

Hare Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,090.00

Gorilla Necklace

From £89.00 - £960.00

Sparrow Charm Necklace

From £115.00 - £970.00

Turtle Necklace

From £89.00 - £785.00

Twin Unicorn Necklace

From £149.00 - £1,555.00

Mouse Pendant Necklace

From £89.00 - £1,210.00
Many of our UK made pendant necklaces can also be personalised with engraving, in your choice of different scripts. Simply click on the ‘add engraving’ box on each of the pendant necklace pages and a box will appear, like magic - Ta-dah!, giving you a range of different texts. Whether it’s the pet name that only your loved one knows (embarrassing or otherwise!) or a memorable date or place - we can add those special letters that mean the most.
We’re quite the magpies here at Jana Reinhardt, so many of our unusual silver necklaces come adorned with super sparkly precious stones. Our ever popular Little Sparrow collection features unique necklace pendants with ruby eyes and black spinel or garnet hearts, while our fantastic fox pedant comes snuggled up with a beautiful brown diamond. If you’d prefer yours with an emerald or amethyst, just get in touch over email or via the chat function on our website and it’s likely we can change the stone type to fit what you have in mind.
Boyfriends! Need some help to decide which of our unique necklaces for girlfriend you should pick? We see you, the one that usually buys the first thing you see and don’t think about whether it will suit her! Don’t make the same mistake again! Browse a selection of Jana Reinhardt’s unique necklace pendants worn by some of the UK’s most fashionable bloggers here. Find someone rocking a similar style to your lady love, clock the piece she’s wearing and bingo, it’s likely your beloved will just love the silver pendant necklace you’ve opted for. You can thank us later.
If you do decide to invest in one of our silver pendant necklaces, rest assured you’ll be in the very best company. Our pendant necklaces are quite the media darlings and are often featured in the fashion press. Here’s our lovely whale necklace hanging out on the pages of the Observer magazine, our wondrous wing necklace featured in Red magazine and our super little sparrow necklace finding fame in OK Magazine.
From design, to the finishing touches, Jana Reinhardt pride ourselves in always going that extra mile in every step of the making process. We’d never dream of sending jewellery off to be mass produced, which means we can give most items that little tweak you might be after to make a piece truly yours - whether it’s a change of precious metal, stone or an engraving, we can help! It’s our mission in life to make every one of our unique necklaces with meaning.

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