Mother's Day

Mother Hen nesting her baby chicks

If you celebrate Mother's Day then this is your two-week warning! This year it takes place on Sunday, March 19th.  So mark your calendar, set a phone reminder, and start thinking about how you can roll out the red carpet for the Mum in your life.   

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Handmade or Machine Made?

 Handmade jewellery Vs machine manufacture - questions to ask yourself before your next jewellery purchase: 


With silver jewellery costing as little as £10 on mass retailer sites, it can be tempting to opt for a cheaper piece, rather than the more expensive handmade version. But is that bargain you've tracked down really such a find? 

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Galgos Del Sol

Galgos - Rescue Dogs Spain

We love all animals, but dogs definitely have a special place in our hearts, and we’ve been keen to fundraise for a charity that helps them for a long time. Galgos Del Sol is one of the charities we support as part of our Animal Wellbeing collection and they do amazing work.

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Why we make sustainable jewellery and why it matters

Tree Hugging - Sustainability

There’s nothing like your favourite piece of jewellery. A spectacular engagement ring you never take off, the lucky necklace that can swing any job interview, or a showstopper pair of earrings you wear because you KNOW they will wow everyone.

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Charity spotlight: Animal Aid

Animal Aid Blog Post Banner - Pig Behind Bars
Have you discovered our Animal Wellbeing collection yet? This very special range of jewellery started life in 2020 during the pandemic when we finally had the opportunity to think about what really mattered to us. Like many people, it came down to spending more time with our kids and contributing something to causes that we care about.
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Our tips on becoming vegan and why animal wellbeing is so important to us

You only need to look at the designs in our jewellery collections to realise we love animals and find the natural world endlessly inspiring. And if you follow us on social media, you’ll know we have two pet dogs we’re very fond of. But our respect and regard for animals goes a lot deeper than that.
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An orangutan pendant with purpose

Whether you’re a long-standing Jana Reinhardt customer, or it’s your first browse of our site, you’ve probably noticed that much of our inspiration comes from wildlife and the natural world. Intricately carved creatures are at the heart of the majority of our collections. From the tiniest bird, to huge whales and exotic reptiles, we love creating jewellery versions of all our favourite animals from around the globe.
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A Bespoke Commission For The Ivy

Bronze Keyring for the Ivy Restaurants

As well as creating our fine jewellery collections, a lot of our work comes from bespoke commissions, where we create a totally unique piece from scratch for a client. Many of these are personal clients, but we also get corporate commissions where businesses contact us to create something special for them.

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Summer Jewellery

Butterfly pieces and gemstones from the butterfly jewellery collectionWe have been pleasantly surprised about the warm weather here at Jana Reinhardt HQ. Some days have been positively scorchio and Byron the workshop beagle has been taking cover wherever he can find a cool spot, although if it’s not too hot, he’ll be stretched out in front of the big window, sunbathing. It’s a dog’s life...

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Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

The bridal season is almost upon us again. The majority of our bespoke enquiries is about making wedding bands, our stockists are calling in pieces for their wedding displays and we’ve just had the first invite for a friend’s wedding this summer.

Working on bespoke commissions is one of our favourite things to do. Over the last few years we have been making hundreds of engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings. 

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Diamonds are amazing. Here are 10 things you might not have known about them:

  • Only one diamond in a million weighs a carat or more. 
  • Most diamonds are over three billion years old. Two-thirds the age of the Earth!
  • Diamonds are practically fireproof...
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Rainbows and Unicorns

Destination positivity, here we come! Our Rainbows & Unicorns collection is finished! It will whisk you away to a magical world of mystical creatures and sparkling gemstone rainbows Guaranteed to help you leave the doldrums behind and add style and sass to your look.
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Bespoke Jewellery – A Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery take a look through our 10 top tips to point you in the right direction:


  1. Collaborate or go it alone - Is the commission a surprise for someone you love?  You’ll need to decide whether to go it alone or to get them involved.
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How we design and create handmade silver jewellery

We often get asked where our jewellery is made, if it’s sterling silver, if we have certain pieces in stock, if we can make something in a different size or colour...

So I thought it might be good to explain how exactly we work...

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Beat the January Blues

How is January treating you so far? The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, we’ve had Arctic cold, grey skies and rain. It’s dark when you wake up, it’s dark when you go home. If you’re anything like us, you might be feeling the teensiest bit blue.

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Our Sparkling Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is approaching fast (as every year). 31 sleeps until you can rifle through your stocking and hopefully find something amazing. Obviously, we are thinking a little piece of jewellery would be just the thing. So, we've put together a few of our favourites for you to add to your own wish list or to give to that special someone.

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Gifts they'll love - a Christmas list to inspire you

Are you the kind of person who lives for the Christmas shop? We saw you, wearing novelty antlers and tinsel, humming along to Mistletoe and Wine... Own up! Or are you, dare we say it, more of a Christmas grinch, who would much rather forget all about the festive season, give everyone vouchers and hide under the duvet until January?


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It's a boy!

We've got some exciting news! After a whole year of waiting for a new addition to our Polar Nights brood, baby Jonty is finally here. Super cute and perfectly formed, he's the spitting image of proud parents Lara and Lars. Jonty is believed to be the smallest polar bear ever born, weighing in at an ickle 2.7 grams, but there is no stopping him from becoming the star of the "Jana Reinhardt Jewellery Minis".

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Summer's gone but you can still bask in the warm glow of our sapphire set sun ring!

We've been enjoying the last days of summer this week with doors and windows wide open in our seaside studio, shorts and flip flops and Absolute 80's. We had the hottest September day in over 100 years a couple of days ago, but all of a sudden autumn came and I'm wrapped up in a blanket today, listening to the wind howling outside.


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Custom-made Pet Jewellery

As some of you might know, we are quite besotted with our dog “Byron Beagle” and I have been hunting for beagle paraphernalia ever since we got him a couple of years ago. Most pet owners, especially dog owners seem to be smitten with their four-legged friends and so,  over the last couple of years we had a few requests for bespoke dog jewellery...

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