Summer Jewellery

Posted on July 12 2017

Butterfly pieces and gemstones from the butterfly jewellery collectionWe have been pleasantly surprised about the warm weather here at Jana Reinhardt HQ. Some days have been positively scorchio and Byron the workshop beagle has been taking cover wherever he can find a cool spot, although if it’s not too hot, he’ll be stretched out in front of the big window, sunbathing. It’s a dog’s life...

The rest of us have been hard at work with all the fans on, crafting delicate summer jewellery like the pieces from our Butterfly Collection. We have just started offering our Butterfly necklaces, rings and earrings with a selection of gemstones so that you can now customise them to match your favourite colour! If your colour or favourite gemstone isn’t there you can always contact us and we can source whichever gem you desire. We’re good like that.

My favourite piece has to be the Butterfly Earrings with Gemstones (Multi). Three tiny butterflies set with even tinier gemstones (yellow gold and emerald make a stunning combination!) mounted on fine wire hoops, guaranteed to set your heart all of a flutter. But then again for simple, understated charm, the Butterfly Ring with Gemstones is also a beauty. I like how it is just a tiny sparkle on your hand until you look closer and see the that it’s actually a very sweet little flutterby studded with either a ruby, emerald, black diamond, sapphire or sparkling white diamond. Our best selling summer season piece though would probably be the Hummingbird Necklace from our Bird Themed jewellery. It doesn't have any gems but makes up for it in sheer elegance.

If you're thinking of getting engaged this summer, check out our flower engagement rings. Like our Butterfly pieces, these are available in a range of materials and gemstones but, as super special occasion rings, they are exclusively made in precious metals. The combination of abstract flowers and pavé set diamonds is really stunning. One of the designs was even featured in the Independent Magazine.

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