Rainbows and Unicorns

Unicorn banner
Destination positivity, here we come! Our Rainbows & Unicorns collection is finished! It will whisk you away to a magical world of mystical creatures and sparkling gemstone rainbows Guaranteed to help you leave the doldrums behind and add style and sass to your look.

I love mythical creatures like Unicorns and Mermaids and wanted the carve some for ages. I just wasn't sure whether it would be perceived as children's jewellery. After doing a bit of research, it was clear, I am not the only adult who's got a thing for Rainbows and Unicorns and all that stuff and so Ross gave me the go-ahead ;)

Though I most enjoyed carving the little unicorn, my favourite piece of the collection are the Unicorn Stud Earrings with Rainbow Ear Jackets. The little ear jackets also look great with our Moon & Star Ear Studs and Raindrop Studs.

Ross is setting all the little rainbows for us. We spent ages finding just the right colours. Being me, I needed it to be the actual seven colours of the rainbow, in the right order, rather than just a few nicely coloured gemstones next to each other. The little Rainbow Ring would make the perfect wedding band for a solitaire engagement ring. I'm imagining a bright yellow diamond in a rub-over setting, maybe with tiny rays coming off it and the rainbow sitting perfectly around the diamond. Anyone interested in commissioning that set?? Let us know! ;)

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