Jewellery Designer turned Carpenter

We have moved workshop again and this time it looks like it might be the one! We are still at the Oaklands Business Centre in Worthing, but instead of a smallish old room at the back, we are now renting three big, bright and nicely decorated rooms at the front of the building.

oaklands business centre worthing west sussex

We have been umming and ahhing for a while whether or not to take the space when it became available, but in the end Ross managed to convince me with his many mantras - If you built it they will come! Dream big pig! Onwards and upwards...

So now, we finally have the space for a big workbench in the middle of the room and a Chesterfield sofa in the office, both of which we have been dreaming about for years.

byron beagle in our sunny designer workshop in worthing

Despite us having a million and one pieces of jewellery to make and having three perfectly fine workspaces already, Ross insisted we had to build the new big workbench straight away. We decided on a pentagon shape with trapeze instead of half round cut outs (might as well!), colourful Bisley drawers and matching skins.

And it wouldn’t be a move without my parents flying over from Germany, so they arrived promptly to help looking after the kids (my Mum) and to help building the bench (my Dad).

the making of jewellery bench

Everything is pretty much finished and set up now. Once we have a little bit more time again, we will add a couple of pentagon shaped shelves onto the top of the bench, possibly with a Lazy Susan (as suggested by a friend of ours), so we can all share our tools. Apart from my tools obviously, which will be neatly stored away in my orange drawers.

jewellery designer turned carpenter in west sussex

Four spaces are taken already, one for me, one for Ross. One for Hannah who took Lindy’s place after she had moved to London and one space for Laura, our new part time stone setter. Space number five is reserved for the apprentice we will start looking for shortly.

Watch this space!

Jana x

our finished jewellery bench in our Worthing workshop in west sussex

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