A Ring for a King

Forget about Wolf Hall, it’s all about new series: The Royals (showing on e! in March). Sacrilege! I hear you cry, why would they say such a thing? Well, perhaps because Jana Reinhardt made a key piece of jewellery for the show. Tune in on March 15th and the eagle eyed among you will spot Ross and Jana’s handiwork twinkling on King Simon’s ring finger.

Played by Vincent Regan, King Simon is the head of a fictional British Royal family, who live in modern day London. His wife Queen Helena is played by Elizabeth Hurley and the Queen Mum is none other than Joan Collins – Amazing. But the real star of the show is King Simon’s royal ring, which we can exclusively reveal will form an important part of the plot. We couldn’t possibly say anymore than that, wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

We were approached to produce the ring last August and made it in just three days. That's ages! I hear you cry, but bear in mind our bespoke jewellery usually take between 3 and 4 weeks to make. Take a look at just some of the steps involved in creating the King Ring:


Et voila, the finished article, wouldn't look amiss among the Crown Jewels, would it?:

The King Ring is gold plated silver, set with synthetic diamonds, rubies and sapphires. If it had been made in real stones, it would have cost in excess of £25,000!

We think it looks pretty convincing anyhow. The King certainly seemed to like it. If you want to see it in the flesh, don’t forget to tune into e! on March 15th. We'll definitely be watching.

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