Beautiful, Bespoke, Creature Themed Jewellery 

We make creative, beautifully crafted, creature necklaces, rings, pins, earrings and even paperweights. The process is always as exciting and rewarding for us as it is for the client.

Some clients have asked us to create miniature versions of their pets, others have had meaningful stories featuring a special animal that they've wanted to immortalise in precious metal and gemstones. 

Our house is decorated with dozens of pieces of nature inspired art featuring all sorts of wild creatures and most days I love wearing my little silver beagle pin. We get it!

Bespoke Gallery

Some of our Creature Commissions

If you're interested in commissioning us to create bespoke jewellery, please get in touch.

Or take a look at our "The Bespoke Process - How It Works" page to find out more.

Please note, one off pieces start from £1000. However, if we love the final piece and, with your consent, would like to add it to our collection then this price would be negotiable