/ Recaudación de fondos para el bienestar animal

Recaudación de fondos para el bienestar animal

Inspired by a passion for animal rights and taking care of the planet, our charity collection started life in 2020, when we decided that we wanted to use our creations to try and raise money and awareness for different animal welfare and environmental charities. 

 Our first charity design was a finely detailed orangutan pendant, to raise funds for OVAID. Since then, we’ve created diverse pieces celebrating and helping to protect animals including: pangolins, greyhounds, bears, piglets, fennec foxes, sloths, cats, dogs, cows and vaquita (a tiny dolphin/porpoise). These products have fundraised for a wide range of charities including: Sea Shepard, Search Sanctuary, SLOCO, OVAID, Keep The Ban, Galgos Del Sol, The Vegan Society, Animals Asia, International Tree Foundation and Flora and Fauna International. We have also established partnerships with both PETA and the NAWT. 

Whenever an item from our  Animal Welfare Collection is sold, we will make a charitable donation of £20. You can find out more about the charities and what they do, in the product description. Our aim is to keep expanding this category and use our creative work to support as many environmental and animal rights charities as we can. Watch this space!

¿Cómo vamos hasta ahora?

Donamos £20 por cada venta de joyería que hemos realizado en colaboración con organizaciones benéficas para animales.

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