It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

There’s just a week to go until C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S! Are you feeling festive yet? And more importantly, have you had your Christmas party? Maybe it was yesterday and you’re hiding behind your monitor, pretending to do some work while you sneak a peek at the blog – we’ve got your number...

The Jana Reinhardt seasonal shindig is happening tonight. There’s sure to be paper hats, rubbish jokes (from inside the crackers, not from us, honest) and a few drinks. As with any office party, we all wanted to look our best. So Lindy, Laura and Jana all wore their best Christmas jumpers, accessorised with their favourite pieces of Jana Reinhardt contemporary jewellery.

Lindy chose the bloom necklace and halo ring because she loves it’s detailed yet bold look:

Jana opted for the ever popular Hummingbird earrings – an early Christmas present from Ross, she’s hoping for a necklace to join them next week (hint hint, are you reading Ross?)

Laura really likes the flock locket because it’s a timeless piece with a twist. And the sleepy fox earrings were just too cute to resist.

Byron decided he will mainly be wearing red glitter this Christmas:

The bauble is his own haute couture piece (eat your heart out Choupette), but we can make you something similar if you’re a fan, just see our bespoke blog for details of how to commission your own handmade jewellery.

This will be our last blog of the year, so we wanted to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and an excellent New Year. While you’re busy celebrating, Jana and Ross are flying off to Germany to spend the big day with Jana’s family, listening to lots of Queen and drinking eggnog and whiskey (not together, hopefully). Lindy is spending her festive season in Somerset, which will involve singing Christmas carols and baking festive goodies. Laura will be eating her own body weight in mince pies in Newbury, while assembling Arctic Lego (no mean feat). And Byron will be hanging out with his best friend Benson beagle, hoping someone leaves the turkey unattended....

Until next year, thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

Love from everyone at Jana Reinhardt

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