The Jana Reinhardt Guide to Bespoke Jewellery

Making bespoke jewellery keeps us super busy here at Jana Reinhardt. People from across the globe ask us to make everything from pendants that look like their pet dog, to Grateful Dead cufflinks! We’ve created body armour for a pop group, a ring for a new TV series (more of which in the New Year) and a charm bracelet celebrating diversity that was exhibited at the V&A. Each bespoke piece is as different as the person who commissions it.

So what happens if you decide you’d like us to make you a piece of jewellery? Well, we start with a chat to find out what you want, we look at photos and pictures together for inspiration and then we start designing the piece for you. When you’re happy with what we’ve come up with, we then decide on the best process to use to realise your idea.

One of our favourites is wax carving. Jana loves the freedom and detail this technique allows and she carves all the waxes by hand in the studio:

Hand carved waxes ready for casting

Once a wax finished it is installed in a canister, investment is poured over and left to set. The canister is heated until the wax melts and runs out. Molten metal is injected into the shape the wax has left and the jewellery is cast in whatever metal you would like, from sterling silver to platinum.

In this case, a gorgeous Daddy bear, hugging his baby:

Bespoke Sterling Silver Bear Keyring

One of our cutest bespoke pieces to date, we designed this for an American customer who wanted a pendant to celebrate her husband and daughter.

Another cool commission was this cherry necklace:

Bespoke Cherry Necklace with Cornelian

The customer had spotted a similar pendant in a film and asked us recreate it. With gold stalks and cherries made of Cornelian, it looks good enough to eat!

We also recently made this stunning moon and star necklace for a client:

Bespoke Moon and Star pendant


The moon represents her, the sun is her husband and the stars are her three children. We can't think of a prettier way to remind you of your loved ones.

If these beautiful bespoke pieces have captured your imagination, there's still time to have something made before Christmas! And don't forget, we're giving away a pair of sapphire ear studs with every order made before Friday 28th November. See our Facebook page for more details.

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