Bespoke Bridal Jewellery

The bridal season is almost upon us again. The majority of our bespoke enquiries are about making wedding bands, our stockists are calling in pieces for their wedding displays and we’ve just had the first invite to a friend’s wedding this summer.

Some of our bespoke commissions were for very unusual engagement rings, like the Open Bird Cage or the Peonies Ring below, other designs were more classical diamond solitaires.

unusual engagement rings by Jana Reinhardt


Most of our custom-made jewellery has been commissioned by men, and so far not a single lady has said "no" to one of our unique engagement rings! In fact, only one client ever came back to us asking if we could change the design of the ring slightly. (This has made us so cocky that we are now offering a free re-make should the person who commissioned us not be 100% happy).



Some of our clients have shared their "proposal stories" with us. There have been hot air balloon rides, proposals on top of the Shard, fortune cookies and my favourite, an underwater diving proposal. All documented in gorgeous photos and videos which we love seeing!

exciting proposals


Hearing these stories, I sometimes wish I had realised the significance of being proposed to 10 years ago and wouldn't have jumped the gun. Being a typical German, I am very practical and getting married is not such a big thing back home. So when my parents decided to come over to the UK for their summer holiday in 2007, I suggested to Ross that we might as well get married at the same time. Ross thought this was a great idea. Et voilà, we were engaged.

And in my unromantic practical style I continued, giving Ross a drawing of my dream engagement ring (with measurements and all), threatening to make it myself when months later he still hadn’t started on it. He did get it done in the end and I still think it's the most beautiful ring in the world, admiring it on my finger every day. Here it is (with my matching wedding band and eternity ring):

Jana's engagement ring and wedding band and eternity ring



So, whichever way you are hoping to tie the knot with the love of your life, we are confident that we can create the perfect rings for you, before or after your engagement. And once you are ready to get married, we'll give your engagement ring a free clean and polish and happily make you a matching wedding band to go with it. Just get in touch and we can start discussing your ideas!

Jana x


PS: Ladies, don't forget 2016 is a leap year! If, like me, you're no good at waiting, it's your chance to propose to your man in a couple of weeks. Just make him a little paper ring and once he said "yes", bring him along to our studio (or email us) and we can get started designing your dream ring :)

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