Custom-made Pet Jewellery

As some of you might know, we are quite besotted with our dog “Byron Beagle” and I have been hunting for beagle paraphernalia ever since we got him a couple of years ago. My acquisitions include a super cute felted beagle made for us by Domenica More Gordon, a life-size paper clay beagle head created by my friend Gemma Rees and a little silver pin I made myself a couple of weeks ago.

Most pet owners, like me, are smitten with their four-legged friends and so, over the last couple of years, we've had quite a few requests for bespoke pet jewellery. One customer had lost their beloved dog and wanted for us to create a custom-made piece to remember his companion by. Other customers just love the look of their little pals so much that they want to wear a miniature silver version around their neck or on their lapel.

All we need is a couple of images of your pet and we can start coming up with ideas for a custom-made piece of jewellery. Once we have agreed on pose, size, material and price, we carve the piece from wax and email you images for your approval. We then cast the wax in sterling silver or gold and give it whatever finish you would like. So far all of our commissions have been dogs, but we can do any other animal as well; cats, rabbits, horses, mice… you name it, we can make it! ;)

Here are a few examples of our bespoke dog jewellery:


And here is what Martin, the owner of the greyhound in the images above thought about his custom made jewellery:

"I sent Jana a handfull of photo's of our greyhound to have some bespoke items made for our silver anniversary for my wife, within a couple of days I had some basic sketches back and could see straight away I had chosen the best person for the job. After about a week I got some photo's of the wax master and I couldn't have been more pleased check out their facebook page and you will see for yourselves, and a month from sending my original email I received the first part of three pieces I am having done, Excellent doesn't come close to what I have received."


Our bespoke pet commission prices start from £300. Get in touch if you would like to have a chat about us custom making a pet piece for you!

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