Gifts they'll love - a Christmas list to inspire you

Are you the kind of person who lives for the Christmas shop? We saw you, wearing novelty antlers and tinsel, humming along to Mistletoe and Wine... Own up! Or are you, dare we say it, more of a Christmas grinch, who would much rather forget all about the festive season, give everyone vouchers and hide under the duvet until January?

Whatever your take on Christmastime, we’re sure you won’t say no to a helping hand from Jana Reinhardt to choose gifts your nearest and dearest will love. And so, we present to you, the Jana Reinhardt Christmas gift guide, with suggestions that should solve some of your present dilemmas. There’s sure to be something to suit someone on your gift list, whatever your budget or taste.

So, let’s kick off with the girl who has everything. You know the type, always has that must-have designer item, teamed with a vintage little something they just 'stumbled' on. Pretty sickening, but you love them all the same. She’ll just adore the Polar Bear Necklace, from our Polar Nights collection:

It’s been the fashion hit of the season, featured in the super stylish, Observer magazine, last weekend and the star of our 12 Days of Christmas Competition. We guarantee she won’t stop wearing it.

Unless, of course, bears just aren’t her thing. In which case, why not opt for our ever popular wing ring:

Beloved by bloggers AND on-trend, it’s sure to prove a hit. Besides, what could be more festive than a pair of golden wings?

But how about the super sophisticated lady in your life? You know, the one that the phrase ‘classic' was invented for. Well, we suggest the tiny flock bracelet:

The perfect present for a 'less is more' kind of girl - she’ll love the dainty chain and delicate bird charm.

Or, you could go for these elegant butterfly earrings with emeralds:

She’ll love the clean, simple design of the butterflies and appreciate the subtle, yet striking stones.

Howsabout the yummy mummy in your life? Whether it’s your partner or your actual Mum, we believe all Mums deserve a big thank-you for looking after everyone all year (not that Dad’s don’t, they just won’t look as pretty wearing Jana Reinhardt earrings at Christmas lunch).

If you really want to spoil your Mum, you could splash out on our gold fox ring with brown diamonds:

It’s a unique, luxe piece, that’s just perfect for letting the mum you’re buying for, know how much you appreciate her.

If your Mum just isn’t a fox fan, how about these stunning Bloom creole earrings:

Taken from our award winning Bloom collection, they are beautiful, stylish and mean you'll be giving your mum flowers every day that she wears them!

We’ve even got gifts for the littlest ladies in your life. This adorable little gold duckling necklace is inspired by fairytales and a great choice for a child’s first piece of keepsake jewellery:

Alternatively, may we turn your attention to this cute hare necklace?

Available in gold and silver, he looks like he’s stepped straight out of a story book and is sure to fire your little one’s imagination.

That’s it for now. We hope we’ve given you some ideas. Happy shopping and remember, only 20 days left until the big day!

Laura x

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