Jaguar Earring

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Jaguar Earring

Reconnect Earring Collection


A tiny jaguar earring with a big message. Part of our 'Reconnect' collection, this miniature big cat earring embodies the spirit of the rainforest with its sleek body, prowling paws and trademark markings, all expertly carved by Jana.

This jaguar serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing destruction. Over 20% of the Amazon rainforest has already succumbed to destruction, with an alarming 200,000 acres lost daily, predominantly to make room for cattle grazing and farmed animal feed like maize and soy. This habitat loss contributes to the decline of millions animal and plant species, including the jaguar, whose population has dwindled.

This jaguar earring aims to prompt contemplation on our relationships with others on planet Earth and the impact of our every day decisions have. For example, shifting to a plant-based diet can play a pivotal role in preserving endangered species like the jaguar. Wear this jaguar stud alone or alongside other Reconnect earrings and charms to champion the causes that resonate with you.

Our jewellery is made from recycled metals, packaged in plastic-free boxes. Opt for a silver jaguar earring or a gold charm, both crafted entirely from recycled silver and gold. 

Product Information

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  •  Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum
  • The jaguar measures 17 x 5 x 3mm 
  • This is a single earring, perfect for the left earlobe