Mother's Day

Mother Hen nesting her baby chicks

If you celebrate Mother's Day then this is your two-week warning! This year it takes place on Sunday, March 19th.  So mark your calendar, set a phone reminder, and start thinking about how you can roll out the red carpet for the Mum in your life.    


Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?


In an ideal world, we'd show our Mums how much we appreciate them every day, but stuff happens, busy days turn into weeks, and life gets in the way. Luckily, we have that one dedicated date each year when we get a whole day to let Mothers know just how great we think they are.


Mother's Day isn't a new idea, in fact, it's been around in some form since the Ancient Greeks, who held spring celebrations for Rhea, the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and generation. But did you know that Mother's Day in the UK was originally a religious holiday? Mothering Sunday started out as a special service where churchgoers would return to their 'mother church' on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Over time, the religious side of the day turned into a more general celebration of Mothers. And by the 1800s, the Victorians were giving their Mums flowers and gifts.


Mother's Day mainly became the huge deal it is today because of the US women's rights campaigner Anna Jarvis. After her Mum died in 1905, Anna came up with the idea of having a special 'Mother's Day' to honour the sacrifices mothers made for their children. She lobbied the government to recognise Mother's Day as an official holiday, arguing that holidays in America were biased towards male achievements. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a motion to officially recognise Mother's Day as a National holiday, and huge events started being held at churches and department stores across the US. And the rest is history!


What should you buy your Mum for Mother's Day?


Everyone has their own traditions and ideas about how to celebrate and spoil their Mum on Mother's Day. Some people just give their Mum a call to let her know they care - did you know there are more phone calls made on Mother's Day than any other in the year?! Even Christmas! Or you might cook your Mum lunch, or take her out somewhere lovely - Mothering Sunday is THE most popular day of the year for restaurant bookings, fact fans. 


Gifting on Mother's Day is a tricky one, 'Don't buy me anything' your Mum has probably said to you (but you know she doesn't mean it and will be silently fuming if you don't get her a gift). Some people think Mother's Day has become way too commercialised and we need to get back to basics and make it more about spending meaningful time with each other. We're down with that, and from a sustainability point of view, the last thing the world needs is people buying lots of stuff they don't need that will end up in landfill in a few weeks. 


That said, there's nothing wrong with wanting to buy your Mum something special to celebrate how great she is and your relationship. If that’s what you want to do, and you know it will bring her joy, why not? And if you do want to buy a gift, then our jewellery is an excellent option if you're concerned about sustainability.
Why our jewellery makes a great eco-conscious Mother's Day gift:

We only use recycled precious metals to make our pieces. This means that no new metals have been mined to make your gift, and you're bypassing the environmental damage and human rights abuses that in some cases can go hand in hand with gold and silver mining. You're re-using a resource that's already out in the world. AND we only make our jewellery from sterling silver and solid gold, which means it won't go that horrible green colour, and any tarnishing can always be removed with polish and a good rub with a cloth.

We've worked hard to make sure all our packaging is entirely plastic-free. So when your Mum opens her gift on Mother's Day there will be no foam pads or plastic boxes that will spend hundreds of years on landfill sites, just a beautifully designed box made of recycled paper and a pad that's cleverly made from corn fibre.    

And that's not all, for the past two years we've been planting a tree with Ecologi for every order we make. This helps to offset the carbon created when we make and ship jewellery to our customers - you can see how many trees we're up to here.  

Last but not least: each of our designs is intended to be a forever piece our customers will love for years to come, rather than something fashion-led they won't want in a few months. So you can get your Mum something really meaningful and special that she'll treasure. It could even become a family heirloom that gets passed on to the next generation - fingers crossed! 
Our Mother's Day jewellery picks: 
Want to buy your Mum a gorgeous piece of jewellery this Mother's Day, but don't know where to start? Here are our cutest, most meaningful pieces, sure to bring a smile to her face on Mother's Day morning: 
Mother Hen Necklace - from £99
Ideal for the 'Mother hen' in your life, this pendant was inspired by the devotion and love that Mama chickens have for their babies. Featuring an intricately carved hen charm with up to three mini chicks snuggled inside to keep them safe from harm. Choose how many chicks you want  to reflect your own family. 
It's a boy/girl! This finely carved Mother elephant necklace has a delicately hinged middle that opens to reveal a tiny baby elephant. How sweet!? A dainty chain attaches elephant Jr to his Mum, so he'll never get lost, no matter how crazy it gets in the jungle out there. Wear with the baby elephant dangling from the chain, or safely tucked inside. Dads-to-be take note! - this one is a cute pendant to wear in those early stages of pregnancy when she might be keeping the baby a secret.
An excellent Mother’s Day gift choice for the cool mum who likes to stand out. This lioness and cub necklace is a minutely detailed, super original portrayal of the fierce love and protection mothers feel for their little ones. You’re gonna hear her roar
This stylised beauty features a super shiny mama sparrow with sparkling birthstone eyes, taking flight with her babies.  You choose how many chicks the necklace comes with and the colour of the gems in the bird's eyes from 12 birthstones. Totally personalisable and totally cute! 
My Universe Pendant - from £99
The perfect present if you've got a big family, or for the Grandma with lots of grandkids, this stunning pendant can be set with up to 10 precious birthstones. Each sparkly stone represents a different special person in your life. The back of the pendant can be personalised with an engraving of up to 40 characters, plenty of space for that nickname or 'in joke' your family love to chuckle about.     
We are family! A stylish, feminine take on the traditional signet ring, this pretty ring features an engraved 'family' tree which can be set with up to 6 birthstones, so she can wear a stunning reminder of the ones that matter most. Perfect for pinkies (or any other finger) this ring is both meaningful and eye-catching. And if rings just aren't her thing, our Family Tree Pendant is here.   
Bouquet Locket - from £149
The ultimate Mother's Day bouquet, these sparkling flowers are guaranteed not to wilt and will last forever! A beautiful floral design locket, featuring a pretty posy of intricately carved flowers, the inside of the locket can be engraved with a special message for Mum to keep close to her heart. Awwww!  
Calf necklace - £99
Our Mother's Day gift guide wouldn't be complete without one of our charity necklaces from our Animal Rights collection. £20 from the sale of every one of these beautiful calf necklaces is donated to Surge Sanctuary. Designed to raise awareness of the plight of calves, and how they are taken from their mothers at just a day old, this stunning necklace is a thought-provoking piece and a must-have for vegan Mums. 

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