The Golden Wing

Hi, I'm Lindy, the intern here at Jana Reinhardt - nice to meet you! Today I finished making a gorgeous gold commissioned piece and wanted to share a bit about the piece with you all. It’s been a really great experience and is a beautiful ring.
The lovely lady contacted us recently about having a Wing Ring made in solid 9ct gold because she loved the hand-carved design and wanted something special for herself. Jana is really great at wax carving, and spends hours making the original master for each piece - the level of detail is amazing. The intricate Wing Ring is one of my favourite pieces too – take a look at the silver and gold plated versions here.
A lot of work goes into making this ring regardless of whether it is made of silver of gold, including lots of polishing! It is lovely to know that it has now been sent off for hallmarking, and will soon be fluttering away onto the lovely lady’s finger.
Here’s what it looked like just before I polished it:

It’s just lovely when people contact us here at JR HQ about making something special, just like this lady did, and we always love to hear your ideas and opinions. Jana and Ross work on lots of commissions, and adore seeing the variety of new ideas each person brings - especially if it involves looking at an existing piece in a new light! Take a look at a few of our previous bespoke commissions here, and feel free to drop us a line if you have any ideas for anything of your own!
Lindy xx

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