Bunny Ear Stud

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Bunny Ear Stud

Reconnect Earring Collection


This petite bunny ear stud is intricately detailed, and irresistibly cute. From the perky, alert ears to the soulful eyes and fur so lifelike it beckons to be touched, this rabbit earring checks all the boxes while conveying a profound message.

For those who cherish rabbits enough to adorn themselves with bunnyjewelry, it's likely you're aware that, every year, millions of rabbits lose their lives in laboratories and pet shops. Despite the availability of modern, non-animal testing methods, rabbits are still subjected to eye irritancy and skin corrosion tests. Additionally, the pet-shop industry continues to breed and sell rabbits en masse, often subjecting them to unsanitary conditions and no veterinary care—a life no creature should endure.

Designed as part of the 'Reconnect' mix & match earring collection, the rabbit stud signifies support for rabbits and desire to catalyze change. Advocate for cruelty-free and vegan products, and if considering a pet, opt for adoption over purchase. Small changes and inspiring others to join your cause can significantly improve the lives of countless bunnies and other animals.

Every piece we craft is made to order, allowing us to create silver rabbit earrings or a gold bunny pendant in your preferred color or carat. Rest assured, our precious metals are 100% recycled, ensuring your exquisite new bunny earring doesn't harm the environment. To further offset the carbon footprint created during manufacturing and shipping, we plant a tree with Ecologi for each piece of jewellery we produce.

Product Information

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  •  Available in recycled Argentium Silver (purer, tarnish resistant silver), 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum
  • The bunny measures 10mm x 9mm x 4mm 
  • This is a single ear stud, perfect for the right earlobe