Letter Charm Necklaces

So, we finally made our own letter charm necklaces. We have decided to go for handwritten lower case letter charms, similar to our logo. The letters can be dolled up with an even tinier charm.


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Ten Years In The Making

It's been ten exciting, challenging and rewarding years since I started making my own designs and building Jana Reinhardt Jewellery to where it is today.

Giving up a well paid job as a diamond mounter in Hatton Garden (the heart of London's jewellery quarter) to start a jewellery company with no idea whether I'd make any money, seemed like a terrifying step to take at the beginning but I had worked as a goldsmith for ten years both in Germany and England and I was ready for a new challenge.


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Diamonds are Forever (or at least for April)

If you were born in April your birthstone is a diamond, you lucky thing! Since we’re now in the month of spring and showers, here’s a little blog post about the monthly attributes of metastable allotropes of carbon... or, erm, diamonds.


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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - our pick of the best (and worst) presents

Ah February 14th, St Valentine's Day. Just two weeks to go until you get the perfect opportunity to show the one you love just how much you care. Or not, if some of the dodgy Valentine's Day gifts we've tracked down are anything to go by.
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The Jana Reinhardt seasonal shindig is happening tonight.  There’s sure to be paper hats, rubbish jokes (from inside the crackers, not from us, honest) and a few drinks. As with any office party, we all wanted to look our best.  So Lindy, Laura and Jana all wore their best Christmas jumpers, accessorised with their favourite pieces of Jana Reinhardt contemporary jewellery.

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Christmas Survival Guide - Top tips for enjoying the festive period

Let it go. No, not the song from Frozen (although we guarantee there’s no escape from that this Christmas, or the next hundred). But as Elsa’s song suggests, it’s much better to agree to disagree.


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A busy couple of months

It's been a busy couple of months here at Jana Reinhardt. We’ve been hard at work creating and crafting the new Polar Nights winter collection, launched our brand new all-singing, all-dancing website and have just spent a fantastic week at the Spirit of Christmas Fair.
Held at London’s Kensington Olympia, it’s the ultimate Christmas shopping destination for stylish and unique gifts. The perfect home for us!  Arriving to find a less than inspiring blank space, with a bit of Jana Reinhardt magic and imagination, we’d soon transformed it into a beautiful boutique. 
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International Jewellery London - What to expect (diamonds on pedestals)

It was a very busy few weeks at the Jana Reinhardt studio leading up to IJL2015! With Hannah and Jana adding the finishing touches to the new collection and making new stock, Ross’s phone working overtime with all the calls and emails and as a team ticking off our to do lists and meticulously applying vinyl stickers for the exhibition stand. I am fairly new to the Jana Reinhardt team (marketing assistant), and was very excited to be a part of the trade show! It was not only my first time attending IJL but was also my first time at the spectacular venue – London Olympia.

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How do you wear yours?

When is a piece of jewellery not just a piece of jewellery? When it’s a memory, a story, an expression of love. When it’s used to create a look, a style an image. When it expresses personality and individuality.  How we choose to accessorize ourselves is rarely just about putting a ring on, or a bracelet, a scarf or a belt. It’s as individual as our own style. Our own self even. We can use...
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The Jana Reinhardt Guide to Bespoke Jewellery

Making bespoke jewellery keeps us super busy here at Jana Reinhardt. People from across the globe ask us to make everything from pendants that look like their pet dog, to Grateful Dead cufflinks! We’ve created body armour for a pop group, a ring for a new TV series (more of which in the New Year) and a charm bracelet celebrating diversity that was exhibited at the V&A. Each bespoke piece is as different as the person who commissions it. 

So what happens if you decide you’d like us to make you a piece of jewellery? Well, we start with a chat to find out what you want, we look at photos and pictures together for inspiration and then we start designing the piece for you...


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Jewellery Designer turned Carpenter

We have moved workshop again and this time it looks like it might be the one! We are still at the Oaklands Business Centre in Worthing, but instead of a smallish old room at the back, we are now renting three big, bright and nicely decorated rooms at the front of the building.

We have been umming and ahhing for a while whether or not to take the space when it became available, but in the end Ross managed to convince me with his many mantras - If you built it they will come! Dream big pig! Onwards and upwards...  

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A Ring for a King

Forget about Wolf Hall, it’s all about new series: The Royals (showing on e! in March). Sacrilege! I hear you cry, why would they say such a thing? Well, perhaps because Jana Reinhardt made a key piece of jewellery for the show. Tune in on March 15th and the eagle-eyed among you will spot Ross and Jana’s handiwork twinkling on King Simon’s ring finger.
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Oscars 2015 - our jewellery picks

Did you stay up late on Sunday to watch the Oscars? While we were delighted that swoony Brit Eddie Redmayne walked away with a statuette, we have to admit we were way more interested in what everyone was wearing than the actual awards. Come on, be honest, isn't that what everyone really tunes in for? Not to mention the, 'Oh, I'm so pleased for you' look everyone has to fake when they don't win...
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Happy Chinese New Year

We at Jana Reinhardt decided to mark the Chinese New Year by creating a very special limited edition sheep charm.

2015 is the year of the wooden sheep, but rather than wood, Jana chose to create her sheep from something a bit more luxurious (Well, you know we're suckers for anything shiny - wood was never going to cut it.. )

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The Golden Wing

Hi, I'm Lindy, the intern here at Jana Reinhardt - nice to meet you! Today I finished making a gorgeous gold commissioned piece and wanted to share a bit about the piece with you all. It’s been a really great experience and is a beautiful ring.
The lovely lady contacted us recently about having a Wing Ring made in solid 9ct gold because she loved the hand-carved design and wanted something special...
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All My Favourite Things

After initially refusing to get involved in the social media side of the business, I am now really starting to get into it. Not just have I been putting up the occasional Facebookand Twitterpost, I have also been going crazy on Pinterest over the last couple of weeks. I am still not 100% sure about the point of it, but I do love trawling through hundreds of pictures, pinning my favourite ones to...
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Baby Blues and Pinks and Yellows

I’m officially on maternity leave. Our little girl arrived a week ago, being everything we could have hoped for – healthy, sleepy and the perfect size for all the gorgeous little outfits we were given by friends and family. Whilst I am thoroughly enjoying cuddling up with her, I am finding it quite hard to forget about work and jewellery for a while.

So, I decided to have a think about what piece...
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A Bee Collar Bar for the Big Day

We just finished another exciting commission for one of our London customers. He’s a tailor with a great fashion sense and loves wearing his shirts with collar bars. Over the last couple of years, we made a scull bar and a bar with diamond set balls for him.

Now he’s getting married to his girlfriend “Bee” and asked us to create a bumble bee collar bar for his wedding. I love wax carving and was...
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Diamond Eternity Ring in the Making

We have just finished a gorgeous eternity ring, in 18ct white gold, set with 1.3ct of fair-trade Canadian diamonds.

Here's how it's done:

We started with a few centimetres of white gold wire, which Ross kindly turned into a ring for me. I could obviously have done this myself, but bending 3mm thick gold wire into a ring is quite hard work, so why bother if you can ask a strong man to do it for you...
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Fashion Bloggers Love Jana Reinhardt!

For a while now we've been collaborating with some lovely ladies on their fabulous fashion blogs. It's been super fun looking through various blog posts, getting to know the bloggers, and seeing our jewellery styled and featured in some stunning photos.

We've been adding photos to our Pinterest as we go but thought it would be nice to write a little post about the delightful bloggers and their...
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