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Diamond Rings - Designed For You In Our Sussex Studio

Create the perfect diamond ring. Whether you are planning a proposal or want to surprise someone with an amazing gift, Jana Reinhardt have the skills and experience to make something truly one of a kind, especially for you. All our diamond rings are handmade at our West Sussex studio by master goldsmiths Jana Reinhardt and Ross Cutting, using traditional techniques.
If you’re looking for some ideas to inspire what kind of custom made diamond ring you’d like to commission, you can browse all of our previously made rings here. You will see we have experience in making every style of ring, from the traditional, to more modern pieces. Whether you prefer your diamonds to be cushion, brilliant, radiant or princess cut, we can create the ring you want and advise you on any aspect of your commission.
Our diamonds are all sourced from ethical suppliers that adhere to the Kimberly Process and we also work with the Jeweltree Foundation who help us source diamonds from Canada, to give our clients complete peace of mind about the origins of their gemstone. We are also very happy to recycle existing diamonds you may already have into a ring, if this is your preference. You can read more about our approach to diamonds here. As you’d expect, we make our bespoke diamond rings in your choice of precious metal. We have experience in working with all the traditional materials you'd expect, like platinum and white gold, as well as more unusual mediums, such as Fairtrade gold, titanium and even wood. Whatever you have in mind, we can source it for you and make it into a beautiful ring.
To commission one of our bespoke diamond rings, simply get in touch us via email or telephone to arrange a consultation. We can then meet with you at our workshop in Sussex, or, if you are looking for bespoke diamond rings in London, we also have premises there.
If you don’t have the time to meet face to face, don’t worry, we can discuss your ideas over the telephone or Skype, if this is more convenient. We aim to take as flexible approach as possible with our clients, to make the commission as easy and effortless as can be.
The beauty of buying a diamond bespoke ring is it will be totally unique. Especially so here at Jana Reinhardt, because we prefer not to use computer-aided design or manufacturing unless it is essential to the design. This means every diamond ring has been tailor made, from design to that final polish, just for you and no-one else. Once it’s ready, we can then send or courier your ring to you, wherever you are, making us the perfect choice to make your bespoke diamond ring in London, New York or even Tokyo! Have rock, will travel…