18ct Yellow Gold Autism Pendant with Diamonds


Jana Reinhardt Jewelers are definitely a 5* service, if I could give them more stars I would. The customer care and quality of work is excellent, completely out of this world. At different times, I've had three pieces of jewellery custom made, each time am left very excited, thrilled and joyous. Jana Reinhardt Jewelers understood that the pendant was very important to me, the finished product left me amazed as to how the company were able to create an idea I had in my head, with just one sitting they made my wish reality. Such a service makes you want to re-experience it over and over again with every purchase. Their professionalism & execution in archiving 100% of what the customer commissions is hard to come by these days. We are now working on two more projects, a set of two bangles and a pair of earrings, I am so ecstatic we are collaborating again and I am looking forward to the final result because I know Jana and Ross are going to out-do themselves once again. I've warned my partner that my engagement ring should only come from Jana Reinhardt Jewelers. I thoroughly recommend Jana Reinhardt Jewelers! THANK YOU guys"

Emma Greene