Platinum Ring with Pink Sapphires


Pink Engagement Rings - Platinum Ring with Pink Sapphires

We made this bespoke engagement ring for a customer whose favourite flowers are peonies. She had wanted for her ring to look like a whole bunch of these pretty flowers. We too love peonies and really enjoyed carving the little blossoms in wax. Then we hunted down the perfect pink sapphire, cast the ring in platinum and added little leaves. The lady was super happy with the result and so were we.

You can read what she said about our bespoke jewellery service and about her finished engagement ring below and on our Google+ page:

"I'd spoken to a couple of ring designers before Jana & Ross and had become very disillusioned about the process; it seemed to be about selling you as many gemstones as possible and creating a ring in their style rather than listening to the client's brief. All that changed when I was referred to Jana & Ross! They listened hard and really tried to understand what I like (and don't like) and what I wanted. I love the Arts & Crafts movement and the way that simple materials like wood or iron were designed and crafted to be useful and also really beautiful – so I wanted the metal of my ring to be as lovely, and as important a part of the end result, as the gemstone. I didn't want the gemstone to be the hero and the shank the host – but for both to be gorgeous in their own right. Other designers didn't “get” this – but Jana did and I think this is because she is a rare talent and a genuine artist. The level of hand crafting in my engagement ring is astonishing; in its beauty, skill and intricacy.
It's artisanal – and I'm not sure there are many bespoke designers out there who have similar levels of talent or ability. On top of that, Jana and Ross are a joy to work with. Lovely people who help you navigate the language of design without feeling like an idiot and who hit deadlines without ever putting you under pressure. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone." Margaret