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  • Dog Necklace
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  • Dog Necklace
  • Dog Necklace

Dog Necklace


Sterling Silver
24ct Vermeil Gold
18ct Vermeil Rose / Pink
9ct Yellow Gold
9ct White Gold
9ct Rose Gold
18ct Yellow Gold
18ct White Gold
18ct Rose Gold


Dog Necklace

Cats & Dogs Collection


Show your allegiance to man’s best friend with our handmade dog necklace. As a spirit animal, the dog is said to represent loyalty, protection and unconditional love. This necklace is ideal for showing a true friend how much you value them, the bouncy little doggy would also make the perfect companion for any dog lovers out there.

Some people believe that specific breeds of dog have different spirit animal traits. This necklace was inspired by Jana’s pet beagle, Byron and beagles are said to represent determination, watchfulness and knowing exactly when to pounce on an opportunity. If your spirit animal is a beagle, you’ll also love being active, but sometimes have difficulty being alone. Does this sound like you? Let us know!

Each dog necklace is handmade in our Sussex studio by us. Featuring an expertly carved small dog in mid run, the pendant captures the joy, enthusiasm and sheer fun our pets bring into our lives. From new puppies, to statesmanlike older dogs, the wonderful bond between dogs and humans is undeniable and worth celebrating with a special piece of jewellery.


Product Information:
  • handcrafted in the UK
  • available in 925 Sterling Silver, 22ct yellow gold vermeil or 18ct rose gold vermeil
  • also available in 9 or 18ct solid gold 
  • the dog measures 15mm from nose to tail
  • hand polished to a high shine
  • 1.2mm trace chain; can be worn at either 16 or 18 inches (41 or 46 cm)


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