Baby Blues and Pinks and Yellows

I’m officially on maternity leave. Our little girl arrived a week ago, being everything we could have hoped for – healthy, sleepy and the perfect size for all the gorgeous little outfits we were given by friends and family. Whilst I am thoroughly enjoying cuddling up with her, I am finding it quite hard to forget about work and jewellery for a while.

So, I decided to have a think about what piece of jewellery I could make to celebrate her arrival – or even better get Ross to make for me, should he ever have any spare time again in the workshop. For the birth of our first daughter a few years ago, he made me the little eternity ring below, all in yellow – my favourite colour. It is super sweet and have worn it pretty much every day since it was given to me.
Maybe this time I could have a similar ring, but in a different colour...
Or I could finally get one of our collection pieces. There never was enough time in the last few months to make an extra one for myself. I love our Mother and Baby Sparrow Necklace and the Hummingbird Chain Earrings.

Or, there are still these beautiful vintage earrings of which I have had a picture on my desktop for months now. Not too keen on the pearl, but I love the moon and star and who knows, it might be the start of a new collection...

Anyway, it sounds like Baby’s is about to wake up. Better get on with the more important things for now and continue dreaming about jewellery another time...
Jana x

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