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Safari Jewellery

Safari jewellery - Elephant, hippo and rhino necklaces handmade by Jana Reinhardt

 Safari Themed Jewellery - Handmade In The UK

Take a trip to the wilds of Africa with our stunning selection of Safari jewellery. Inspired by the beauty of this amazing continent, you’ll find a ravishing range of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings celebrating Africa’s wildlife, architecture and rich colours. From our majestic elephant necklace to our on-trend flash rings, there’s something to captivate every fine jewellery lover.


Elephant Necklace

From £89.00 - £130.00

Elephant Stud Earrings

From £72.00 - £95.00

Golden Elephant Ring with Yellow Diamond

Gorilla Necklace

From £89.00 - £164.00

Hippo Necklace

From £89.00 - £130.00

Rhino Necklace

From £89.00 - £130.00


Each item is handcrafted in Jana Reinhardt’s seaside studio in West Sussex, using carefully sourced sterling silver, 22ct vermeil and solid gold, in a range of colours and carats. Simply select the option that suits you best from the drop down menu next to each item. If the specific metal you’d like your hippo necklace to be rendered in isn’t there, just pick up the phone or chat to us over our webpage. We’re old hands at tracking down most metals and turning them into pretty Jana Reinhardt sparkly things for our customers. We aim to please, whatever your style or the size of your wallet.  
Fallen in love with our rhino necklace, but want him to look a little more glitzy?  We hear you. Most of the cute creatures in our Safari jewellery collection can easily be customised by adding in a gorgeous precious or semi-precious gemstone. Whether it’s a birthstone, your favourite colour gem or a special anniversary gift you'd like, we can help you create something truly unique.    
Speaking of gifts, if you’d like to engrave a meaningful message on your chosen safari jewellery, just let us know.  Whether it’s a secret message or your motto for life, we can add it on to the jewellery you’ve picked in a range of different scripts. Having some special words or initials engraved on your jewellery is a wearable, discreet way to remind yourself not to sweat the small stuff every day. Our jewellery doesn’t just look pretty, it can also be a motivational tool! Depending on your personalisation of course…
Wondering how we get all the little details on our Safari jewellery to look so realistic? We’ll let you into a little secret, all our jewellery is handmade by either Jana Reinhardt or her partner Ross Cutting, from start to finish. Each animal starts life hand carved in wax before being cast in solid sterling silver.  So the adorable little tusks and and tiny trunks you see on our elephant earrings represent hours of painstaking work. We think it’s worth it and hope you will too when you open up your Jana Reinhardt jewellery box.

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