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Shell Charm

Reconnect Charm Collection


A scallop shell pendant necklace almost as beautiful as the real thing. Dainty, delicate, and ultra-detailed, this pretty scallop charm looks amazing worn alone, or paired with the other pieces in the 'Reconnect' collection, on a charm bracelet or necklace. The ultimate beachlover gift, our shell charm is handmade to order with outstanding craftsmanship, but that's not all. As well as looking lovely, this scallop necklace is also intended to encourage us to think more deeply about how very spe-shell scallops are. 

Scallops, clams, and oysters are all essential to keep our oceans clean and balanced, and we shouldn't take them for granted. They filter out algae which can damage aquatic environments and threaten marine life. Scallops end up on your plate because of a destructive practice called bottom trawling. It destroys entire seafloor habitats (including rare deep-sea coral and sponge ecosystems) and churns up the ocean bed, disturbing coal in the sediments and releasing tonnes  of CO2.

So much more than a mermaidcore necklace, this scallop pendant charm is here to remind us that our decisions have an impact on our world and we can all make a powerful difference - whether that's a bad or good thing is up to us! This small shell pendant is a must-wear if you want to let everyone know that oysters and scallops aren't just "luxury seafood" they are a crucial part of the marine ecosystem, that's better off left in the ocean.

Looking after the seas and everything in our world is very important to Jana Reinhardt, so we hand make all our jewellery as sustainably as possible. We don't gold-plate items and all our pieces are made from recycled metals, so we can guarantee that your silver scallop pendant or gold shell necklace won't come at the cost of the environment. 

Product Information

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum *
  • The shell measures 10 x 10mm 
  • Available with or without chain
  • Comes with a 1.2mm curb chain, adjustable to either 16/18 inches (41/46 cm) or 20/22 inches (52/57cm) length

    Click here for info on caring for your silver jewellery

    Because protecting our environment is important to us, we no longer offer gold plating. This process requires the use of many toxic chemicals. Instead, and where possible, we are using 100% recycled solid gold and silver. Better for us, better for the planet!